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Col's Christmas Cake

29th December 2020
A big "Thank you" to Danelle for baking this fabul ... read more

Chris in the Garden

29th December 2020
Look what Chris found hiding found hiding in his g ... read more

Brandon Checking out a Motorbike

23rd December 2020
Hey Santa! All I want for Christmas is a new bike. ... read more

Micky B's Xmas Decorations

23rd December 2020
We certainly have some creative people in IAS. Mic ... read more

Sharon Enjoying the Christmas Carols

23rd December 2020
It is beginning to look a bit like Christmas!! Sha ... read more

Xmas is Nearly Here!!

13th December 2020
It is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas at IA ... read more

Xmas is Coming!!

1st December 2020
Wishing everyone a Joyful Christmas, from Colin. ... read more

Christmas in the Highlands

29th November 2020
Everyone at Heron attended Christmas in the Highla ... read more

Brandon at Transport Museum and Lake Inverell

25th November 2020
Brandon had a lovely day out on Tuesday. First he ... read more

Lorraine at Lake Inverell

24th November 2020
Picture perfect moments at Lake Inverell. ... read more

Darren at Community Gardens Inverell

18th November 2020
Darren checks out the KUBOTA at the BEST Community ... read more

Brandon at Community Gardens Inverell

18th November 2020
Brandon had a great day out. He helped collect the ... read more

Linda and Richard - Afternoon Tea

18th November 2020
Linda and Richard enjoy afternoon tea together. ... read more

Linda Out and About

10th November 2020
Linda out and about enjoying the beautiful Spring ... read more

Chris in the Workshed

10th November 2020
Chris was busy in the IAS Workshed last weekend - ... read more

Wendy Saving the Planet

25th October 2020
Wendy is doing her bit to save the planet, she has ... read more

Nathan Making Posters

25th October 2020
  Nathan was busy making posters to take to ... read more

Sharon's Birthday

24th October 2020
Sharon celebrated her birthday last week. What a l ... read more

Bird Watching at Lake Inverell

12th October 2020
Chris had a lovely morning out last week - bird wa ... read more

Making Pizzas

12th October 2020
Saturday night was Pizza Night. Lesley and Brandon ... read more

Sharon at the Deer Park in Armidale

7th October 2020
Sharon feeds Daisy at the Deer Park, Armidale. It ... read more

Sharon's Holiday

7th October 2020
Day one of Sharon's holiday. Feeding the deer was ... read more

Brandon Baking a Cake

5th October 2020
Brandon demonstrates his baking skills!! ... read more

Painting and Puzzles

5th October 2020
Col has been busy painting an old bee box and Shar ... read more

Daniel's Great Day Out

5th October 2020
Daniel had a great day out last Saturday at Harrin ... read more

MickyB's Birthday 2020

27th September 2020
Michael celebrates his birthday with mum and his h ... read more

Bee Box Innovations

22nd September 2020
Chris was supported to up-cycle an old bee box to ... read more

Carol's Peach and Pear Sorbet

18th September 2020
Carol is an excellent cook. Here she shows Deb how ... read more

The Days are Warming Up!!

17th September 2020
The days are warming up. Sharon makes the most of ... read more

Phillip is back on a horse!

17th September 2020
Phillip is back on a horse and is all smiles. He s ... read more

Maintaining Cultural Connections

11th September 2020
Maintaining cultural connections is very important ... read more

Colin made a Didgeridoo!!

11th September 2020
Over the last few months, Colin was supported to m ... read more

Linda's Cooking Adventures

9th September 2020
What did you get up to over the weekend? Linda cho ... read more

Richard Cooks Fajitas

9th September 2020
Everyone went outside the box last night as Richar ... read more

Flower Garden

27th August 2020
People at Heron have been busy in the garden this ... read more

Enjoying the Winter Sun!

27th August 2020
Brandon, Darren and Colin enjoying the winter sun. ... read more

Halloween Face Masks?

24th August 2020
Yikes!!! Are they trying to scare us? Has Hallowee ... read more

Rainbow Over IAS

20th August 2020
Rainbows mean different things to different people ... read more


19th August 2020
High finances at IAS House Gloucester today! ... read more

Puppies are Too Cute!!

11th August 2020
When the days a drab and you are missing family, s ... read more

Cooking on Cold Days!

10th August 2020
The days have been cold in the New England. Perfec ... read more

Farewell Barry, We'll Miss You.

12th July 2020
IAS would like to take time to remember Barry Rice ... read more

Darren Meets Adam Marshall

3rd July 2020
You never know who you will run into on a lakeside ... read more

Another Week at Home

10th May 2020
This past week has had it's share of ups and downs ... read more

Keeping Busy During Lockdown

1st May 2020
It has been a few rough weeks, everyone misses rou ... read more

Anzac Day 2020

26th April 2020
Lest We Forget. ... read more

Easter Preparations at Heron

7th April 2020
Everyone at Heron has embraced the changes to rout ... read more

New Routines and Coping at Home

26th March 2020
Life looks different this week. Programs & wor ... read more

IAS - These Uncertain Times

25th March 2020
IAS would like to touch base with everyone in thes ... read more

Inverell Show Weekend

1st March 2020
Another great weekend at the Inverell Show on Frid ... read more

Jeanette at Manpower Show

25th February 2020
Jeanette was supported to go and see the Manpower ... read more

Creative Tuesday

24th February 2020
It was a creative Tuesday in Day Programs. Karen, ... read more

Col's Kitchen Rules!!

19th February 2020
My Kitchen Rules, Col style. Col has become quite ... read more

Glen Innes Show 2020

17th February 2020
It was Glen Innes Show time last weekend. Michael, ... read more

Daniel and Callan at Wingham Brush

9th February 2020
IAS Gloucester; Last week Daniel had a lovely day ... read more

Lesley & Cass - Tamworth Country Music Festival

24th January 2020
Lesley and Cass attended the Tamworth Country Musi ... read more

Tom Curtain Katherine Outback Experience

19th January 2020
Jeanette had a great night out at the Tom Curtain ... read more