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Merry Christmas Everyone!!

24th December 2019
Merry Christmas from everyone at IAS. We hope toda ... read more

Holidays have Started!!

21st December 2019
It was hot enough to cool down. Holidays have star ... read more

The IAS Cookbook

17th December 2019
IAS Gloucester: Jessica with the help of her suppo ... read more

Photo with Santa

16th December 2019
Lesley and Brandon saw Santa whilst out shopping. ... read more

IAS Gloucester Xmas Party!

11th December 2019
IAS Gloucester - fun was had at the Christmas Part ... read more

Last Coffee Club Meet for 2019

10th December 2019
IAS Inverell Tuesday Coffee Club celebrated their ... read more

Christmas is near...

8th December 2019
It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas. Tis th ... read more

Karaoke Christmas Carols

8th December 2019
Karaoke Carols at IAS Gloucester. Judy Ingram, the ... read more

IAS Christmas Party 2019

3rd December 2019
IAS community space was overflowing with festive s ... read more

It's Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas...

25th November 2019
It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas as IAS ... read more

Inverell Picnic Race Day 2019

24th November 2019
It was off & racing for Sharon, Christine, Kar ... read more

Tingha Tin Festival 2019

19th November 2019
Tingha Tin Festival attracted a large crowd last w ... read more

IMI Christmas Party

14th November 2019
The festive season is here. Karl, Chris, Phillip, ... read more

In Memory of Paul Clarke

12th November 2019
Yesterday we took time for a morning tea with Pam ... read more

Tai Chi on Wednesdays

12th November 2019
The lovely Linda Benson visits us at IAS Glouceste ... read more

Lesley and Chris's Wedding Anniversary

4th November 2019
Lesley & Chris celebrated their wedding annive ... read more

Coffee Club Goes Pink

30th October 2019
Coffee Club at IAS Gloucester went pink last week ... read more

Megan's New Crocheted Top

18th October 2019
Megan has a remarkable skill - she is a crochet wh ... read more

Weekend Roadtrip to Inverell

14th October 2019
Ginnie, Peter, Richard, Michael, Lyn, Kristy and F ... read more

Wendy gets her Full Drivers License

14th October 2019
Wendy has been driving with her provisional licenc ... read more

Col's Birthday!

8th October 2019
Col had his 60th birthday today! Chris and Tara co ... read more

Making Pom Poms in Day Programs

17th September 2019
Karen, Chris and Carly are making pom pom mats and ... read more

Karl's Makeover

8th September 2019
It was definitely not a quiet weekend for Karl. Ka ... read more

Rock'n Roll Festival 2019

1st September 2019
Sharon, Christine, Brandon, Lesley & Karen all ... read more

Watching the Glen Innes Magpies

26th August 2019
The Glen Innes Magpies may have lost in a hard gam ... read more

Chillout Festival Gloucester 2019

19th August 2019
The people we support and staff decided to hold a ... read more

David and Mat at the Roadhouse

2nd August 2019
David & Mat dined out last night at Inverell R ... read more

Mini Disability Expo Glen Innes 2019

31st July 2019
Kat and Annette are in Glen Innes for the Disabili ... read more

Bingara Orange Festival 2019

15th July 2019
Phillip and Carly attended the recent Orange Festi ... read more

Enjoying a Fire and Toasting Marshmellows!!

2nd July 2019
What better way to warm up - a home cooked meal, a ... read more

Micky B at the Inverell Transport Museum

21st June 2019
Michael chose to spend his one on one hours at Inv ... read more

Biggest Morning Tea - Gloucester IAS

10th June 2019
Gloucester IAS recently ran a Biggest Morning Te ... read more

Snow At Heron

4th June 2019
Look who found snow this morning! Heron house at G ... read more

Red Range Team Penning/Arena Sorting Day

2nd June 2019
Michael, Richard, Linda, Kristy & Simone visit ... read more

Weekend Outing with Micky B

19th May 2019
Michael enjoyed being out last weekend, attending ... read more

IAS Day Programs Now Supporting Best Community Food Garden

15th May 2019
Day Programs are now supporting Best Community Foo ... read more

Sharon - Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic 2019

10th May 2019
Sharon & Christine braved the cold to attend t ... read more

Micky B in the Workshed

9th May 2019
Michael & Anthony spent the day out of the col ... read more

Preparing for Chill Festival - Gloucester

8th May 2019
With the approaching Chill Festival in July, every ... read more

Richard - Celtic Festival in Glen Innes

6th May 2019
Richard and Marley attended the annual ( and very ... read more

IAS Gloucester - Communal Space

2nd May 2019
IAS in Gloucester has opened the doors to it's com ... read more

Easter Hangers made by Karen

15th April 2019
Karen is now ready for Easter!! She made these bea ... read more

Micky B in the Round Yards with Dwayne

29th March 2019
Micky B has spent the day in the round yards with ... read more

Richard Cooks A Gourmet Pizza

24th March 2019
Richard loves to cook on weekends, he is the Jamie ... read more

Lorraine Out Shopping for Fashion

19th March 2019
Lorraine and Kris spent a morning down town, shopp ... read more

Farewell Tamara

25th January 2019
Today we said farewell to Tamara who has been work ... read more