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Christmas at Rose Street

29th December 2021
2021 Christmas at Rose Street. Thank you Debbie a ... read more

Col - 1964 Ford Fairlane

27th December 2021
Col couldn't walk past this beautifully restored 1 ... read more

Darren in the Kitchen

23rd December 2021
Jeff uses hand-over-hand support to help Darren pr ... read more

Colin in the Kitchen

23rd December 2021
Col demonstrates his skills in the kitchen. The f ... read more

IAS Christmas Party

21st December 2021
The IAS Christmas party was held at the Sapphire C ... read more

BBQ at Rose & High

17th December 2021
It has been a long time since people at Rose and H ... read more

Cooking Xmas Goodies

16th December 2021
Lots of Christmas activities going on at IAS and w ... read more

Making Xmas Decorations

7th December 2021
Today was a busy day in the craft room with Emily, ... read more

Christmas Tree

6th December 2021
It is December and Christmas is in the air! Chris ... read more

Decorating Xmas Tree

6th December 2021
Darren was supported by Karen to assemble and star ... read more

International Day of People with Disability 2021

3rd December 2021
Celebrating International Day of People With Disab ... read more

Copeton Dam at 100%

3rd December 2021
The men said, We want go out to Copeton and see th ... read more

At Copeton Dam

3rd December 2021
Michael, Stewart, Chris, Gerard and Brandon had a ... read more

Include Me Christmas Party

2nd December 2021
Many thanks to the Uniting Church for the amazing ... read more

Phillip's Birthday

2nd December 2021
Sorry we are late Phillip, wishing you a happy bir ... read more

Gone Fishing!!

30th November 2021
A great day out fishing before the rains came Chr ... read more

Look What Karl has Prepared!

9th November 2021
Karl shows off his crop of home grown strawberries ... read more

Darren keeping in contact with family

9th November 2021
Darren clearly enjoys chatting on the phone with h ... read more

Melbourne Cup Day 2021

5th November 2021
2021 Melbourne Cup Day fun at IAS with hats, feath ... read more

Brandon Busy at Home

5th November 2021
Brandon was busy at home yesterday painting and he ... read more

Steel Tongue Drum

5th November 2021
Banging on my steel tongue drum! ... read more

Guess who celebrated their birthday last week?

11th October 2021
Happy Birthday for last week Col. Got any of that ... read more

Stewart made candle holders

11th October 2021
Stewart shows off the candle holders he made in th ... read more

Time for a pedicure

6th October 2021
Spring is the perfect time for a pedicure. That fo ... read more

Precious Plastic Logo Competition!

5th October 2021
IAS would like to thank everyone for their entries ... read more

Sharon helping out with the gardening

5th October 2021
Sharon brought some brightness to IAS this week by ... read more

BBQ today

5th October 2021
Emily, Brandon and Stewart do a great job on the b ... read more

Cooking Pizzas

30th September 2021
People were supported to cook pizza at day program ... read more

Happy Birthday Mick!!

27th September 2021
Happy Birthday Michael, good lookin'cake there! ... read more

Mates :)

26th September 2021
Sometimes being a friend is sitting alongside your ... read more

Stewart's new woodwork projects

21st September 2021
Stewart shows off his latest woodwork creations - ... read more

Darren preparing dinner

21st September 2021
I truly wish I found preparing dinner as enjoyable ... read more

Our New Recycling Project

15th September 2021
Today is the day we let you know what we have been ... read more

Lunch in the Park

13th September 2021
Darren enjoys lunch in the park with his brother T ... read more

What is IAS up to?

13th September 2021
👨‍🌾 The team at IAS are working on ... read more

A Big Thanks to the Aspen Medical Team!

13th September 2021
IAS would like to thank the team from Aspen Medica ... read more

Happy Birthday Lesley!

9th September 2021
Happy Birthday Lesley from IAS! ... read more

Spring is Here!

8th September 2021
Spring is definitely here. The days are warming up ... read more

Linda plays Monopoly

3rd September 2021
Last night Linda was a Monopoly Real Estate tycoon ... read more

Lambs Fry with Bacon?

2nd September 2021
Lamb's Fry with bacon. Yes 👍 or No&nb ... read more

Karl shoots some hoops!

31st August 2021
Karl made the most of the fine weather last weeken ... read more

Puppies are Awesome!!

31st August 2021
Sometimes all you need is cuddle! Max is so cute a ... read more

Staying active during lockdown

26th August 2021
Brandon is on a bike riding mission with nowhere t ... read more

Darren makes fruit salad

26th August 2021
Fruit salad...yummy, yummy....Fruit salad  ... read more

IAS Covid Vax Hub

25th August 2021
Aspen Medical conducted a Covid-19 Vax Hub at IAS ... read more

Brandon making zucchini slice

22nd August 2021
The silver lining of lock -down is increased oppor ... read more

Making scones during lockdown

16th August 2021
What better way to spend lock-down than making sco ... read more

Lorraine's new glasses

5th August 2021
Lorraine shows off her new glasses. Looking good L ... read more

IAS Day Programs - Collage

5th August 2021
An example of the collage work being done at day p ... read more

Diamond Artwork by Karen

5th August 2021
A Diamond Artwork completed by Karen. ... read more

Michael's Winter Inspired Artwork

5th August 2021
I like this picture created by Michael. It capture ... read more

Chris at the Bridge Cafe

3rd August 2021
Chris enjoys a yummy Strawberry Crumb Cheesecake a ... read more

Lesley cooking a cottage pie

28th July 2021
Lesley is supported by Cass to cook a cottage pie ... read more

Stewart cooking his signature dish!

28th July 2021
Stewart cooking his signature dish - Sweet and Sou ... read more

Karen & Gerard on the BBQ

28th July 2021
Karen and Gerard did an awesome job cooking the ba ... read more

Brandon and Gerard painting vases

28th July 2021
Brandon and Gerard in deep concentration as they p ... read more

Emily's craft work

28th July 2021
Emily shows off her craft work. Looking good, Emil ... read more

Karl in the kitchen

28th July 2021
Karl was busy on the weekend making chicken stir-f ... read more

Stewart backs the Eels!

15th July 2021
Stewart is a proud Parramatta Eels supporter. He m ... read more

Gerard and Brandon checking out the river

8th July 2021
We have been getting good rain in Inverell. Gerard ... read more

Pizza making at IAS

8th July 2021
Pizza making at IAS Inverell Day Programs was a hu ... read more

Day Programs & Current Health Orders

1st July 2021
Day Program activities look a bit different when f ... read more

Sharon at RSM Club

30th June 2021
The weather has been cold and bleak in Inverell fo ... read more

Snow Chasing!!

15th June 2021
People attending IAS Day Programs in Inverell went ... read more

Banana Muffins!!

15th June 2021
Brandon was supported to bake banana muffins on th ... read more

Lorraine at the lookout

15th June 2021
Angela and Lorraine at McIIlveen Park Lookout, Inv ... read more

It's cold outside...

8th June 2021
Darren and Col make the most of the cold weather b ... read more

Darren and Nikki preparing Veggies

8th June 2021
Darren and Nikki pause for a photo while preparing ... read more

Michael's woodwork projects

8th June 2021
Michael has been doing some great work in the IAS ... read more

Linda has been busy...

23rd May 2021
Linda was busy a couple of weekends ago. She helpe ... read more

Brandon uses the wood lathe

23rd May 2021
Brandon is supported to use the wood lathe at the ... read more

Gerard uses the finishing sander

23rd May 2021
Gerard uses a wood sander to smooth out some timbe ... read more

Chris made a wooden truck!

4th May 2021
Chris proudly shows off the wooden truck he m ... read more

Stewart wins the Ten Pin Trophy!

4th May 2021
Stewart was the winner of the IAS Ten Pin Trophy l ... read more

The Workshed is running again!!

29th April 2021
The IAS Workshed in Inverell is up and running aga ... read more

Linda's morning tea

29th April 2021
Linda was supported to go out for morning tea. She ... read more

Lorraine at the Aussie Cafe

29th April 2021
Lorraine relaxes while waiting for her coffee. ... read more

Sharon at the Inverell Markets

28th April 2021
Sharon enjoys a day out at the Sunday Markets in I ... read more

Testing out the new Hiace

6th April 2021
People at day programs test out the new Hiace Comm ... read more

At the BEST Food Gardens

6th April 2021
Checking out the aviary, petting the hens and coll ... read more

Easter 2021

1st April 2021
Easter is almost here and it is time to put on you ... read more

Richard in the Kitchen

31st March 2021
Richard made pizza scrolls for Sunday lunch, which ... read more

Ginnie's new glasses

31st March 2021
Ginnie shows off her new glasses. They look fabulo ... read more

Col's outing in the bush with Armajun

21st March 2021
Col loves spending time in country. Last Friday he ... read more

Micky B the Handyman!

14th March 2021
It is great to have a handyman around the home. Go ... read more

Uno Innovations

11th March 2021
Have you ever struggled to hold a handful of cards ... read more

The Craft Room

11th March 2021
It is good to see the craft room being used again. ... read more

Local Legends Race Day Glen Innes 2021

10th March 2021
Fashions on the field at the 2021 Local Legends Ra ... read more

Tenpin Inverell

10th March 2021
Catching up and having fun at TenPin Inverell. ... read more

Pioneer Village

10th March 2021
Visiting Pioneer Village, Inverell. ... read more

Stewart volunteering to help those in need

10th March 2021
Stewart is supported to volunteer with BEST Food G ... read more

A fine day for it

10th March 2021
Brandon helps with the barbeque, while Lorraine do ... read more

Lesley enjoying a pedicure

11th February 2021
Lesley sits back and enjoys a pedicure. What a won ... read more

Karen and Gerard in the kitchen

11th February 2021
Karen and Gerard made scones to share at Coffee Cl ... read more

Brandon and Tracey

11th February 2021
Brandon and Tracey pose for a picture before Coffe ... read more

Jeanette meets Brad Fitler

11th February 2021
Brad Fittler spent some time with Jeanette on his ... read more

Stewart's Gonna Win!!

7th February 2021
Stewart looks as if he is planning some big moves! ... read more

Karl's got the moves!!

7th February 2021
Any challengers? ... read more

Rebecca's Volunteer Work

27th January 2021
Rebecca's second week volunteering at Gloucester C ... read more

Kyle's String Art

27th January 2021
We think Kyle’s string art is pretty impress ... read more

Day Programs are Back in Full Swing!!

27th January 2021
IAS Day Programs are back in full swing with the m ... read more

Day out at Forster

26th January 2021
Mitchel, Kyle and Andy had a great day out at Fors ... read more

Chillaxing at Mac

24th January 2021
Sharing a joke, chillaxing and shooting the breeze ... read more

Out and About in Inverell

7th January 2021
Out and about in Inverell ... read more

Angus at Oakvale Animal Farm

6th January 2021
Angus enjoying a day out at Oakvale Animal Farm&nb ... read more