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Testing out the new Farm Kitchen

25th October 2023
New kitchen feels Quiche for lunch and keeping t ... read more

Dam Day 24/10/23

24th October 2023
Dam Day 24/10/23. We still had a fabulous day eve ... read more

The Day Has Arrived...

21st October 2023
It’s here! The day has finally arri ... read more

Thank you STA FM

21st October 2023
Thank you Sta Fm for broadcasting live from our Op ... read more

Farm Open Day Cake

21st October 2023
Offical opening beginning and then we get to dig i ... read more

Thank You Everyone

21st October 2023
What a day!! Staff are exhausted, but from the bo ... read more

Thank you Russ, Sheena and Sharon

21st October 2023
Thank you Russ for the shearing demo, Sheena for t ... read more

Farm Open Day Pics

21st October 2023
Farm Open Day Pics ... read more

Thank You Danthonia Community

21st October 2023
Thank you Danthonia Community for our beautiful fa ... read more

Farm Open Day - Official Ceremony, Welcome to Country, and Sharni's Fabulous Cake!!

21st October 2023
Offical Ceremony and Welcome to Country, a big tha ... read more

Finishing touches for Farm Open Day tomorrow

20th October 2023
Finishing touches today for our Open Day tomorrow& ... read more

Farm kitchen is complete!!

20th October 2023
Final product!!! Ready in time for open day tomor ... read more

Michael's Birthday!!

19th October 2023
Happy birthday Michael ... read more

Wildlife food and drink station

19th October 2023
Thank you to Ivan Lackay and Local Land Services f ... read more

Trip to Bingara

19th October 2023
Day Programs takes a trip out to Bingara for the d ... read more

Farm Chessboard complete!!

18th October 2023
Wow!! How good does it look Ready for some ser ... read more

Library visit and afternoon walks

17th October 2023
Library visit and afternoon walks for Day Programs ... read more

Phillip working hard in preparation for Farm Open Day

16th October 2023
Good work Pip! Helping out to get ready for our F ... read more

Lovely morning at the markets.

15th October 2023
Richard, Brandon and James enjoying their morning ... read more

Welcome to IAS Darrin

13th October 2023
A big welcome to Darrin, looks like he enjoyed his ... read more

Coolatai Road Trip

12th October 2023
Coolatai Road Trip for Day Programs today ... read more

Go Stewie!!

12th October 2023
Stewie's hard at it on the exercise equipment. ... read more

Micky B enjoying a walk at Goonoowigall

1st October 2023
Nice leisurely walk at Goonoowigall today ... read more

Another productive day at the Farm

29th September 2023
Friday at the farm ... read more

Dam Day 28/09/23

28th September 2023
Dam Day! Who doesn’t love a day out in the s ... read more

Happy Birthday Micky B

27th September 2023
A big happy birthday to Micky B! Have a great day ... read more

Clearing up at the Farm

25th September 2023
Working hard guys! Good job ... read more

Copeton Splash Park!

22nd September 2023
Great day out at the splash park! ... read more

Our Massive Chessboard!!

20th September 2023
Chess anyone ?? ... read more

Farm Friends

15th September 2023
We love our gang, they all have unique personaliti ... read more

Lunch at Best Food Garden

13th September 2023
Lunch at Best FoodGarden today ... read more

Amazing Rock Art

13th September 2023
Some rock art to finish off the day Nice work gu ... read more

Lego Fun

10th September 2023
Great day for a bbq with mates ... read more

Making Lures

9th September 2023
Working on our lures ... read more

BBQ with mates

9th September 2023
Great day for a bbq with mates ... read more

Bingara Salt Caves

8th September 2023
Belinda and Susan enjoyed a great day out at the S ... read more

IAS Egg Stamp

6th September 2023
Our very own farm egg stamp ... read more

Week of the Wattle

5th September 2023
The guys decided to do some craft using wattle. Ve ... read more

Farm Garden Beds

4th September 2023
Wow! What a great job the crew has done Those g ... read more

Girls just wanna have fun!!

31st August 2023
Girls just wanna have fun ... read more

The New Vegepod

31st August 2023
This looks interesting Final product looks amazi ... read more

Places available at the Farm

30th August 2023
These guys love what they do and they get to do ... read more

Curry Chicken and Rice

30th August 2023
These guys love what they do and they get to do ... read more

BBQ lunch At Mac St

26th August 2023
Bbq lunch with the boys ... read more

Happy Birthday Stacey!!

24th August 2023
Happy birthday Stacey (for yesterday) ... read more

BBQ at the Lake

24th August 2023
Nice day for a bqq at the lake ... read more

Cooking Nachos and Pizzas

23rd August 2023
Pizza and nachos Yummo!!! ... read more

A Friendly Visitor at the Farm

23rd August 2023
Friendly little visitor at the farm today ... read more

Farm Day 22/08/23

22nd August 2023
It’s farm day!!! Once a month we all get to ... read more

Karl and Kingy cooking up a storm!!

20th August 2023
unday cook up with Karl and Kingy ... read more


20th August 2023
Richie and Mickey B enjoying Motormania and scorin ... read more

What's going on in the art room?

18th August 2023
A great day to take advantage of the art room at t ... read more

Phillip the BBQ Chef

18th August 2023
A nice reward to end the week, chief Phillip cook ... read more

Making Focaccias

16th August 2023
What’s for lunch today? Well done guys, the ... read more

The Plastics Crew

14th August 2023
The plastics crew look like they are having way to ... read more

New Piggies!!

13th August 2023
Guess who moved in to The Farm over the weekend ... read more

Friday Fun at the Farm

11th August 2023
Friday fun at the farm Diamond art and rock paint ... read more

Drenching, Shearing and a new Baby!!

11th August 2023
Farming at its finest! Drenching and clipping the ... read more

Responsible Back Burning at the Farm

10th August 2023
We love our farm and our team take great pride in ... read more

Hawaiian Burger and Chips

9th August 2023
Wednesday day programs meal prep! They nev ... read more

Outside and Colouring In

9th August 2023
Gorgeous day to be outside. Loving the farm, ther ... read more

IMI Disco 9/08/23

9th August 2023
More disco fun ... read more

Cleaning the Ute and other Tasks

8th August 2023
Busy, busy and loving farm life ... read more

Go Dawn!!

5th August 2023
Not just a great COS! Dawn is great at everything ... read more

New BBQ at Mac St

5th August 2023
What for lunch ? Mac st crew trying out their new ... read more

Rock Art

3rd August 2023
Rock art, in the art room at the farm. Well done ... read more

Sprinto and Seal

2nd August 2023
Welcome to the farm Sprinto and Seal ... read more

Cottage Pie and Salad

2nd August 2023
It’s Wednesday and as always the office smel ... read more

International Clown Week

1st August 2023
Just clowning around for international clown week ... read more

Stewie's Weekend

31st July 2023
Looks like Stewie had a great weekend too ... read more

Richard in the Side Car

31st July 2023
Richie enjoyed some family time and a ride on his ... read more

Karl's cooking curry chicken

31st July 2023
Curry chicken and rice at Karl’s place tonig ... read more

Karl at the Footy

28th July 2023
I think it’s fair to say Karl had a great ... read more

Farm Day - July 2023

27th July 2023
July Farm Day ... read more

Zippy's new jumper

26th July 2023
zippy loves the new jumper, thank you Megan ... read more

Sewing at the Farm

21st July 2023
Sewing at the farm! Great job Karen ... read more

Phillip's New Gopher

20th July 2023
On the road again! Phillip shows Jason all ... read more

A great day out at Copeton Dam

20th July 2023
Wow What a great day out for Day Programs today ... read more

Didgeridoo Lessons

20th July 2023
It’s not all work work work at the farm, how ... read more

Progress Photos of the Farm Pathways

18th July 2023
Ok.. there’s lots happening out the Farm tod ... read more

Boat Building Challenge

18th July 2023
Let the boat building challenge begin! ... read more

Phillip Hemming Pants

14th July 2023
Everyone benefits at the farm, Phillip was support ... read more

IMI Disco 13/07/23

13th July 2023
DIsco fun ... read more

Lamb Jumpers

13th July 2023
A big thank you to the Inverell Women’s Shed ... read more

Science Experiments!

11th July 2023
Science experiments at the Farm. ... read more

Naidoc Elders Olympics 2023

7th July 2023
What a great day at Inverell NAIDOC Elders Olympic ... read more

Chicken, bacon and avocado wraps

5th July 2023
Wednesday Meal Prep Chicken, bacon and avocado wr ... read more

Fresh New Faces!!

5th July 2023
More fresh faces joining in the fun at the farm ... read more

Just another day...........

4th July 2023 the best office in the world ... read more

Our new Farm shirts

30th June 2023
Rocking our new Farm Shirts!!! How good do they l ... read more

Out and About - Pindari Dam

29th June 2023
Out and about with Day Program’s today. The ... read more

Chris hard at work on the car

29th June 2023
Chris hard at work! Washing, detailing and mainta ... read more

Baked Jacket Potatoes

28th June 2023
Baked jacket potatoes today!! ... read more

Welcome to the Farm Geoff

28th June 2023
Geoffrey visited the farm today! We think he had ... read more

Farm Day 27/06/23

27th June 2023
FARM DAY!!! ... read more

Farewell Lorraine, all the best!!

27th June 2023
Our support staff do an such amazing job, form spe ... read more

Out with our Beanies On

25th June 2023
Out and about this week warming up with our new be ... read more

More rocks for the Kindness Garden

24th June 2023
Rocks are restocked in the kindness garden, don&rs ... read more

Super Cute Fur Babies

24th June 2023
Super cute animal family at The Farm ... read more

Joseph Well's Crossing

24th June 2023
BBQ lunch and leisurely walk all at Joseph Wells C ... read more

Log Splitting out at the Farm 22/06/23

22nd June 2023
Busy busy!! Lots of work to do at the farm, keep ... read more

More Farm Babies 20/06/23

20th June 2023
Wow!!! More farm babies ... read more

Chris hard at work

19th June 2023
Chris hard at work today! Well done mate ... read more

Another Busy Day at the Farm

16th June 2023
What a busy day at the Farm! We love what we do ... read more

Brandon at the Transport Museum 16/06/23

16th June 2023
Transport museum for Brandy today ... read more

Matt's Wooden Ute

15th June 2023
Woodwork at the farm! Matt created this beauty to ... read more

IMI Disco 14/06/23

15th June 2023
Disco fun ... read more

Ten Pin Bowling 15.06.23

15th June 2023
Ten Pin Bowling today! Gerry was today’s ch ... read more

Arts and Crafts 15/06/23

15th June 2023
Arts and crafts at the Farm after a game of ten ... read more

Micky's cooking breakfast

14th June 2023
Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Where's mine, Micha ... read more

Apricot Chicken

14th June 2023
Apricot Chicken today at Day Programs Karl rates ... read more

Sharon's new hairdo

13th June 2023
Sharon shows of her new hairdo. The colour is awe ... read more

A Chilled Sunday Afternoon

12th June 2023
What better way to spend a chilled Sunday afternoo ... read more

Kindness Rock Garden

12th June 2023
Kindness Rock Garden! Let’s pai ... read more

Brandon checking out farm vehicles

11th June 2023
Brandy out and about enjoying some one on one supp ... read more

Giving back to the community

9th June 2023
Day Programs handing out eggs from The Farm today, ... read more

Beautiful Day

9th June 2023
Some very smiley happy people at farm today!! A b ... read more

All hands on deck!!

7th June 2023
What a busy and fantastic day at The farm You can ... read more


7th June 2023
Wednesday Day Programs meal prep curried chicken ... read more

3D Printing Magic

7th June 2023
3D printing magic at the Farm!! Is there anything ... read more

Our New Scarecrow

1st June 2023
Our new scarecrow for our veggie patch at the fa ... read more

Zippy the lamb

31st May 2023
Meet our first farm baby “Zippy” Zip ... read more

Gourmet Hotdogs

31st May 2023
Gourmet hotdogs today at Day Programs ... read more

Reptile Show

31st May 2023
More animal cuddles in the office today with a rep ... read more

Autumn Art

31st May 2023
Hats off to our creative staff for coming up with ... read more

Brandon out and about in Glen Innes

29th May 2023
Brandon attended a Car Meet at the Strawberry Farm ... read more

Smiles all round

27th May 2023
It’s not hard work when you love what yo ... read more

Lorraine's 71st Birthday

25th May 2023
Lorraine ended her special day with some singing ... read more

Road Trip to ???

25th May 2023
Road trips are always fun… even if the des ... read more

Cooking Chop Suey

24th May 2023
Chop Suey today at Day Programs Yum! ... read more

Happy Birthday Lorraine!!

24th May 2023
Guess who turned 71 today? Happy Birthday ... read more

Hanging out at the Farm 23/05/23

23rd May 2023
Today at ”The Farm” Couldn’t th ... read more

All Aboard

23rd May 2023
There’s always a bus load of excitement for ... read more

Brandon at the Pally Car Show

22nd May 2023
Car enthusiast Brandon attended the Pally Car Sh ... read more

Lots to see and do...

22nd May 2023
There is lots to see and do in the Inverell region ... read more

New Fur Babies!!

22nd May 2023
We have “fur babies” at The Farm ... read more

Sharon at the Farm

21st May 2023
Sharon enjoys a day out at The Farm, saying "Hello ... read more

Working in the Shed

21st May 2023
There is always something different to do at The ... read more


21st May 2023
How good the didgeridoo’s turn out ... read more

Echo and Dougie

20th May 2023
Richard and Michael like to stop by the Deb Ross C ... read more

Autumn Stroll

20th May 2023
Gorgeous time of year for a stroll around the rive ... read more

Sharon loves to paint

20th May 2023
Spending time doing the things you enjoy is impo ... read more

Graman Pub

20th May 2023
Have you visited the Graman Pub lately? Could be a ... read more

Pizza Night!

19th May 2023
Friday night is Pizza Night! ... read more

Savoury Impossible Pie with Salad

17th May 2023
Wednesday Day Programs Meal prep Today we made ... read more

The Isa Browns are Laying

17th May 2023
We are all pretty egg-cited the Isa Browns are lay ... read more

Mothers Day Arts and Crafts

14th May 2023
Happy Mothers Day !!❤️ ... read more

Gerry's little assistant

11th May 2023
This melted my heart!! Mother’s Day a ... read more

Tacos for lunch

10th May 2023
Yummo! It’s not Tuesday, but everyday is a ... read more

Fun at the Farm 9/05/23

9th May 2023
What an awesome day at “The Farm” So ... read more

Roast Chicken and Veges

3rd May 2023
Yummy Roast Chicken and veggies today at Day Progr ... read more

Giant Pumpkin!!

2nd May 2023
Check out this beauty from Best Nurser ... read more

Leisurely walk at Lake Inverell

2nd May 2023
Out and about for a lovely leisurely walk at Lake ... read more

Making Digeridoos at the Farm

28th April 2023
Didgeridoo making at “The Farm” usin ... read more

Chicken Chow Mein!!

28th April 2023
All hands on deck to help cook Chicken Chow Mein ... read more

Trip to Green Valley

28th April 2023
Green Valley Trip! What an awesome day, fee ... read more

Some more furry friends for the Farm

27th April 2023
Some more furry friends for “The Farm” ... read more

New tractor for the Farm

21st April 2023
Our new tractor has arrived and has been put strai ... read more

Farm Day 20/04/23

20th April 2023
What a glorious day Perfect weather for a ... read more

Wednesday Meal Preps

19th April 2023
Wednesday Day Programs at IAS are all about meal ... read more

Getting the Farm up and running

18th April 2023
Our dedicated staff and team have been working h ... read more


18th April 2023
Some new additions to “The Farm” today ... read more

Checking out a Sculpture Park

13th April 2023
Day Programs taking full advantage of our surround ... read more

IAS Dam Days are back!!

23rd March 2023
IAS Dam Days are back! People and staff from IAS ... read more

Watch out for the Dunk!!

23rd March 2023
Sharons day at the dam ... read more

Karl's Day at the Dam

23rd March 2023
Karls' day at the dam ... read more

Richard & Karl get Dunked

23rd March 2023
Richard and Karl show everyone how it is done! ... read more

Michael's day out with IAS

23rd March 2023
Michael joins IAS for fun out at the Dam 👍 ... read more

Richard in the water park

23rd March 2023
Richard is always ready when the camera comes out. ... read more

Marley doesn't shy away from a dunking!!

23rd March 2023
Taking one for the management team When I ... read more

Bucky & Michael

18th March 2023
Bucky gives Michael a groom while he enjoys his mo ... read more

Richard meets Dougie

18th March 2023
Richard made a new friend when visiting the Deb Ro ... read more

Fossicking at Stannifer

9th March 2023
Fossicking for gems at Stannifer ... read more

Jellybean Junction Rock Shop

9th March 2023
Checking out the Jellybean Junction Rock Shop at S ... read more

Reclaiming Value 8/03/23

8th March 2023
The men are busy in the Reclaiming Value work st ... read more

3D Printer in Action

7th March 2023
Have you seen a 3D printer in operation? Ch ... read more

Cuddle Break!

7th March 2023
Cuddle break with the bunnies at The Farm ... read more

Pasta Bake with Cauliflower

1st March 2023
Chris gives today's Cauliflower and Pasta Bake t ... read more

Patting Bunnies at the Farm

28th February 2023
Michael and Sharon patting the bunnies at the Far ... read more

Happy Birthday Brandon

27th February 2023
Happy Birthday Brandon! Celebrating his 59th Bi ... read more

Making Pizzas at Day Programs

26th February 2023
Karl, Chris and Karen love cooking Pizzas T ... read more

Inverell Lookout

26th February 2023
Enjoying the sights at McIlveen Lookout, Inverell ... read more

Micky B Cooking Burgers

24th February 2023
Chef Michael making homemade burgers with s ... read more

Another great day at Northern Foreshores!

24th February 2023

Enjoying Summer Days

23rd February 2023
Richard and Michael enjoy getting out and about on ... read more

Happy Birthday Richard!!

17th February 2023
Happy Birthday Richard from your friends and staff ... read more

Gavin enjoying the Opera and the Super Bowl

13th February 2023
Gavin’s got a great new look and been enjoyi ... read more

Happy Birthday Chris!!

9th February 2023
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! I hope you enjoyed y ... read more

Sharon's Temporary Tattoo

9th February 2023
Sharon has had some ink done! It looks fan ... read more

Watching a Movie at the Inverell Town Hall

9th February 2023
Karen, Michael and Chris spent an enjoyable aftern ... read more

Gavin's Birthday

7th February 2023
Gavin has had a few Birthday celebrations includin ... read more

Everyone is busy in the cooking group

23rd January 2023
Wednesday Cooking Group - there is task for everyo ... read more

Chicken Schnitzel and Coleslaw

23rd January 2023
Anyone for Chicken Schnitzel and Coleslaw ... read more

Michael is Working-Out

23rd January 2023
It really does make a difference when NDIS funding ... read more

Cute Bunny!

17th January 2023
Gerard, Emily and Brandon enjoyed petting this cut ... read more

Brandon at the Inverell Transport Museum

12th January 2023
There is so much to see at the Inverell Transport ... read more

Baked Potatoes with Coleslaw

12th January 2023
Michael washed the potatoes, Chris and Phillip g ... read more

Michael's Cactus

4th January 2023
Michael returned home from holidaying with his fam ... read more