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Day Program Activities for January 2023

23rd December 2022
Inverell Day Program Activities for January 2023. ... read more

Making Teriyaki Chicken

22nd December 2022
Michael, Karl, Karen and Chris made Teriyaki Chick ... read more

Feeding Ducks on the Macintyre River

22nd December 2022
Feeding the ducks on the Macintyre River, Inverell ... read more

Merry Christmas from Lorraine and Karen

21st December 2022
Merry Christmas from Lorraine and Karen Christma ... read more

Richard's missile launcher upgraded

20th December 2022
Stage 2 of Richard's missile launcher, now with a ... read more

Day at the Dam, part 1

15th December 2022
IAS Inverell had an awesome day at Northern Fore ... read more

Day at the Dam, part 2

15th December 2022
Our day at Northern Foreshores Copeton Dam started ... read more

Day at the Dam, part 3

15th December 2022
The water park at Northern Foreshores is so much f ... read more

Day at the Dam, part 4

15th December 2022
Our day at Northern Foreshores Copeton Dam start ... read more

Day at the Dam, part 5

15th December 2022
Our day at Northern Foreshores Copeton Dam started ... read more

Day at the Dam, part 6

15th December 2022
Great days require great company. Thanks everyone ... read more

Phillip's the Tenpin Bowling Champ

14th December 2022
Phillip shows of the bowling ball he used to win T ... read more

Sharon dressing up for Xmas at Connections

14th December 2022
I love this photo of Sharon getting ready for Chri ... read more

The New Air Fryer

13th December 2022
Richard tests out the new air fryer to cook Michae ... read more

Richard's mobile rocket launcher

13th December 2022
Richard would like to share a photo of the rocket ... read more


13th December 2022
Brandon thinks trucks are awesome . When he saw th ... read more

Michael and Richard's Xmas Tree

2nd December 2022
Michael and Richard were super excited to go shopp ... read more

Friday Night Chill

2nd December 2022
Enjoying Friday Night Chill with Gavin thanks to T ... read more

Megan's Summer Beanie

25th November 2022
The weather has been so chilly lately, Megan has c ... read more

IMI Xmas Party 2022

24th November 2022
Thank you to the Uniting Church and all the peopl ... read more

Micky B on stage!

24th November 2022
Michael had an awesome time at the Include Me In C ... read more


24th November 2022
What a beautiful day to spend time by the creek lo ... read more

IAS Board of Management 2023

23rd November 2022
IAS would like to thank our Board of Management fo ... read more

Fun and games at the Farm

23rd November 2022
People enjoyed some fun and games at The Farm last ... read more

IAS Xmas Party 2022

23rd November 2022
Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate Christmas ... read more

Micky B, Richard and Stewart at the Inverell Transport Museum

20th November 2022
So much to see at the Inverell Transport Museum ... read more

A Visit to the Super Strawberry

20th November 2022
The men enjoyed lunch at the The Super Strawberry ... read more

Decorating Christmas Trees

19th November 2022
Are you wishing to get into the spirit of Christma ... read more

Happy Friday!

18th November 2022
Happy Friday! Is Phillip a rose among the thorns ... read more

Making Christmas Trees

18th November 2022
Michael and Richard have been hard at work in the ... read more

More Lego Cars!!

17th November 2022
Having a hobby is a great way to relax and have fu ... read more

Down by the River

17th November 2022
Last week the men made the most of the mild weathe ... read more

Making Zucchini Slice

17th November 2022
Yummy Zucchini Slice ... read more

Inverell Transport Museum

17th November 2022
What a great day to visit the Inverell Transport M ... read more

IAS at Hunter Health, Wealth and Wellbeing Expo

6th November 2022
Thank you David and Gordon for helping me out at t ... read more

Melbourne Cup 2022

3rd November 2022
Melbourne Cup Fun ... read more


3rd November 2022
This week the Wednesday Cooking Group made Healthy ... read more

BBQ at Mac St

2nd November 2022
Weekend barbeque at Mac. ... read more

Soft Tacos

1st November 2022
Karl loves the Wednesday cooking sessions at day p ... read more

Only 54 Sleeps till Christmas!!

1st November 2022
Deck the shops with Santa's and lollies Only 54 s ... read more

Getting ready for Melbourne Cup

1st November 2022
Karl, Stewart and Gerard get Melbourne Cup ready ... read more

Sharon's Birthday

21st October 2022
Happy Birthday Sharon! I hope you enjoyed your d ... read more

Megan's latest crochet creation

20th October 2022
Megan is a very talented using knitting and croche ... read more

Making Quiches!!

20th October 2022
Chris, Karen, Karl and Michael were supported to m ... read more

Snakes at Day Programs!!

17th October 2022
At Inverell Day Programs people have t ... read more

Fishing at Bingara

17th October 2022
People headed to Bingara for a spot of fishing las ... read more

Michael's Lego Cars

15th October 2022
Michael enjoys building with Lego. He is super pro ... read more

Unstop Ability - A New Broom

14th October 2022
Congratulations to all who participated in this we ... read more

Picking Oranges at the Farm

14th October 2022
The men were busy this week picking oranges at The ... read more

Sharon and Mat watching Unstop Ability - The New Broom

14th October 2022
Mat and Sharon had a fun night at the Unstop Abili ... read more

Cranky Rock Nature Reserve

8th October 2022
People at Inverell Day Programs braved the weather ... read more

Guess Where the Men Are?

7th October 2022
Does anyone know where the men are? ... read more

BBQ Lunch

7th October 2022
Michael and Sharon did a great job cooking lunch o ... read more

Michael's Wooden Jet Fighter

5th October 2022
Michael is stoked with the jet fighter he made at ... read more

Richard's Biking Adventure

29th September 2022
This photo was taken yesterday just before Richard ... read more

Healthy Chicken and Salad Wraps

29th September 2022
Karl, Karen, Michael and Chris work together to pr ... read more

Stewart, Karl and Mick in the Workshed

29th September 2022
Stewart, Karl and Michael are busy creating woodwo ... read more

Phillip's Chocolate Cake!

27th September 2022
Wow Phillip! What an awesome chocolate cake! I ho ... read more

Happy Birthday Michael

27th September 2022
Happy Birthday Michael from your friends at IAS! ... read more

Cooking on Wednesdays

26th September 2022
People are really enjoying the meal preparation pr ... read more

Fun at Inverell East Bowling Club

26th September 2022
Phillip, Gerard, Stewart, Karl, Richard and Karen ... read more

Sharon and Richard play Ten Pin Bowling

24th September 2022
Anyone for a game of Ten Pin? Sharon and R ... read more

Richard's Wooden Jet

24th September 2022
Richard is super proud of the jet he made in the I ... read more

A Visit to Danthonia

23rd September 2022
People from Inverell Day Programs enjoyed a love ... read more

Checking out the National Transport Museum

23rd September 2022
The Thursday Day Program group visited the Nationa ... read more

Karl and Chris testing the exercise equipment

23rd September 2022
Karl and Chris test out the exercise equipment in ... read more

Brandon makes Carrot Cake Muffins

23rd September 2022
Brandon is quite the Chef. Here he is being suppor ... read more

Lake Inverell in Spring

5th September 2022
Lorraine enjoyed the beginning of Spring with a re ... read more

Cooking Curried Chicken

2nd September 2022
Chris, Karen and Karl try their hands at cooking c ... read more

Well Done Lorraine!

25th August 2022
Independence gives a sense of purpose. The chance ... read more

Creative Crafts with Michael and Karen

25th August 2022
Karen and Michael demonstrate their creative skill ... read more

Mini Pizzas!!

25th August 2022
Karen, Chris and Karl made home made p ... read more

Richard made a Banana Cake

24th August 2022
When you need to stay home to keep your friends sa ... read more

Bingo Mania

18th August 2022
Chris, Gerard, Brandon and Phillip enjoy a game of ... read more

Visit to Pioneer Village

18th August 2022
There is so much to see and do at the Inverell Pio ... read more

Happy Birthday Karl

11th August 2022
Happy Birthday Karl. Hope you had an awesome day! ... read more

Lake Inverell Walk

10th August 2022
Gerry, Karen, Chris, Karl and Stewart check out th ... read more

Brandon next to an MG Convertible

10th August 2022
Brandon has a keen eye for awesome trucks and vehi ... read more

Lorraine at Ten Pin Bowling

29th July 2022
Lorraine enjoyed a game of Ten Pin with other peop ... read more

Chris the Uno Maestro!

25th July 2022
The UNO Champ has settled into his new home. Watch ... read more

Easy Vege Spaghetti

19th July 2022
Richard was supported to prepare Easy Vege Spaghet ... read more

Michael's Truck with Boom Arm

19th July 2022
Michael shows off his awesome tow truck with  ... read more

Inverell Library

19th July 2022
Enjoying activities at the Inverell Library. ... read more

Up at the Lookout

15th July 2022
LOOKOUT!! The men are at the Lookout! ... read more

Brandon spots a Monaro

14th July 2022
Brandon spotted this beautiful HQ Monaro down town ... read more

Practicing Living Skills

14th July 2022
People at day programs practiced their living skil ... read more

Lawn Bowls

14th July 2022
Karl and Stewart demonstrate their bowling skills ... read more

Hunter Region Botanical Gardens

13th July 2022
A lovely morning enjoying some rare and brief su ... read more

Fun with Air Dry Clay

11th July 2022
Michael, Stacey and Chris having fun with air dry ... read more

Fishing at Lake Inverell

16th June 2022
Fishing at Lake Inverell on a beautiful winter day ... read more

A visit to Glen Innes & District Historical Society

15th June 2022
People from day programs visited the Glen Innes &a ... read more

Megan's Crocheted Jumper

15th June 2022
Megan shows off her crocheted jumper - made from m ... read more

Ten Pin Bowling

15th June 2022
Anyone for a game of Ten Pin? ... read more

Exercise at Day Programs

10th June 2022

Richard's awesome truck

2nd June 2022
Richard was supported to make an awesome truck and ... read more

Gerard and Houdini

31st May 2022
Gerard and Houdini have a cuddle a day programs. ... read more

Day out at Bingara

29th May 2022
People from day programs enjoyed at day out at Bin ... read more

Visit to Green Valley Farm

28th May 2022
People at day programs had a fun day out at Green ... read more

Lesley and Brandon enjoying the view

27th May 2022
Lesley and Brandon enjoy a morning out, checking t ... read more

Feeding the chickens at Best Community Gardens

27th May 2022
Emily and Karen feed corn to the chickens at BEST ... read more

Fishing and enjoying the scenery

27th May 2022
It is Friday afternoon. Wouldn't it be lovely to b ... read more

Brandon makes a banana cake

20th May 2022
That cake looks divine Brandon!! ... read more

Scrambled eggs for breakfast

19th May 2022
Lorraine cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast. ... read more

Lesley's Blackout BBQ

18th May 2022
Lesley knows how to cook during a blackout!! ... read more

Darren's day out at Lake Inverell

17th May 2022
Darren enjoys an early morning walk at Lake Invere ... read more

Michael's Kenwood Truck

17th May 2022
Check out Michael’s Kenwood Truck. What an a ... read more

Col's new hoodie

17th May 2022
Col shows off his new hoodie with his nephew Kialu ... read more

Michael's new creation under way!

22nd April 2022
The beginnings of another amazing creation! ... read more

Phillip's new scooter!

22nd April 2022
Phillip is super excited about the arrival of his ... read more

Adam's fishing lures

22nd April 2022
Adam shows off his fishing lures. They look great ... read more

What a Didgeridoo!!

18th April 2022
Col checks out this fantastic didgeridoo at the In ... read more

Team Inverell Scrapheap Adventure Ride

17th April 2022
Congratulations to Richard Howard for winning the ... read more

Fishing at Copeton Dam

15th April 2022
Fishing at Copeton Dam. Did you catch anything Ste ... read more

Totem Tennis

14th April 2022
Anyone for a game of Totem Tennis? ... read more

Include Me In Disco

14th April 2022
People came together to enjoy a night of ... Fun ... read more

BBQ at Lions Park

14th April 2022
People at Day Programs made the most of the mild w ... read more

Richard's ride in the sidecar!

12th April 2022
Richard checks out the sidecar in preparation for ... read more

Michael builds a bird feeder

12th April 2022
Michael was supported to build a bird feeder for h ... read more

Easter is coming....

12th April 2022
It is beginning to feel a bit like Easter!! Great ... read more

Lego Exhibition

11th April 2022
Michael and Richard enjoyed the LEGO Bricks Exhibi ... read more

Karl in the Kitchen

11th April 2022
Karl was supported to cook Butter Chicken over the ... read more

Thanks Tracey, and all the best!!

9th April 2022
IAS would like to take the opportunity to thank Tr ... read more

New Neighbours

9th April 2022
Michael, Sharon and Richard enjoy a cuppa together ... read more

We will miss you!

8th April 2022
Tracey, Jason and Marley visited Heron Lodge last ... read more

Lesley's Cooking Dinner

8th April 2022
Lesley shows her culinary skills in the kitchen ma ... read more

Brandon's scrumptious breakfast!

29th March 2022
There is nothing like a hearty breakfast for a hun ... read more

Our Veggie Garden!

29th March 2022
People were busy at Inverell day programs last for ... read more

Sharon's wins again at Inverell Show!

28th March 2022
Sharon did really well at the Inverell Show this y ... read more

A Walk and a Swim!

28th March 2022
People participating in Inverell Day Programs enjo ... read more

Darren washing the car!

24th February 2022
Darren has been keen all week to get the car washe ... read more

Lorraine test riding her new Wheelchair

9th February 2022
Lorraine tested out her new wheelchair today with ... read more

Chris's 50th Birthday

8th February 2022
Happy Birthday Chris! 50 years young!   ... read more

Brandon and Darren- Grocery Shopping

6th February 2022
Darren and Brandon went shopping for their house o ... read more

Recycling Project Under Way!!

4th February 2022
Breaking News Everyone Our recycling project has ... read more

Lunch at the Sea Salt Diner

4th February 2022
Jeff, Darren, Lorraine, Leonie, Brandon and Nikki ... read more

Summer Treats

2nd February 2022
Making the most of summer. Brandon, Stewart, Mich ... read more


2nd February 2022
Last week at day programs was all about celebratin ... read more

Vegetable Ratatouille

2nd February 2022
Brandon being supported by Julie to make Vegetable ... read more

The Three Musketeers

1st February 2022
Together - The Three Musketeers! Darren catching ... read more

Australia Day Craft at Day Programs

1st February 2022
The guys were busy doing craft for Australia Day. ... read more

Lunch at the Inverell RSM Club

1st February 2022
Darren, Leonie, Nikki, Kris, Lorraine, Brandon, Fl ... read more

New England Woodturning and Sculptures

1st February 2022
Karen sits back and enjoys the view at the New Eng ... read more

Stewart's Woodworking Skills

1st February 2022
Stewart shows of his skills in the IAS Woodshed in ... read more

Stewart making Apricot Chicken

31st January 2022
Stewart attempting to make Apricot Chicken for the ... read more

Lorraine and Karen making Banana Bread

31st January 2022
Karen and Lorraine making banana bread. ... read more

Sunny Days in January

19th January 2022
Catching up on some of the fun had by everyone dur ... read more

Lake Inverell

13th January 2022
Last week Darren, Brandon and Lorraine enjoying lu ... read more

Dan helps run a Disco

13th January 2022
Dan helped a friend run a disco for an 18th birthd ... read more

Dan, Stewie and Ozzie

13th January 2022
After entertaining the party goers, Dan and his ho ... read more

Aurizon Community

5th January 2022
Not long now until the IAS team can start "Reclaim ... read more