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Brandon, Sharon & Lesley at the Pool.

28th December 2016
It's far too hot ๐ŸŒž to stay home! Brandon Sharon ... read more

Xmas is Coming....

19th December 2016
It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Both S ... read more

Sharon's Farm Stayover

19th December 2016
Sharon had a farm stay over the past two weekends. ... read more

Melbourne Cup 2016

1st November 2016
We are going racing! Melbourne Cup lunch, fashion ... read more

Chris And Lesley's Wedding Anniversary

1st November 2016
Chris and Lesley celebrating their wedding anniver ... read more

Girl Power!!

21st October 2016
Girl power ๐Ÿ† A combined cooking effort - Linda ... read more

Sharon's Birthday

19th October 2016
Enjoying a Happy Birthday lunch with Sharon today ... read more

IAS Fashion Parade

8th October 2016
Thank you to everyone who attended and participate ... read more

IAS Fashion Parade - Tickets On Sale Now!!

5th September 2016
Tickets are now ON SALE for IAS Fashion Parade on ... read more

Kite Flying with Brandon

2nd September 2016
What do you do on a cold gusty grey day? You make ... read more

IAS Fashion Parade - Save The Date

29th August 2016
Save the date of Saturday 8th October and buy your ... read more

Mick in the Garden

15th August 2016
A house feels like a home with personal touch and ... read more

Farewell Darcy's Girl

9th August 2016
Today we take time to remember Darcy's Girl who pa ... read more

Festival Of Abilities 2016

19th July 2016
Michael and Kris attended the recent Festival of A ... read more

Happy Birthday Deb!!

8th July 2016
Guess who's birthday๐ŸŽ‰ today ! Deb was spoilt ! ... read more

A Busy Weekend After the Voting

3rd July 2016
A busy weekend! What better way to make the most o ... read more

Farewell Bruce, We'll Miss You......

20th June 2016
Today, sadly, we farewelled Bruce Wayne Lavender. ... read more

Northwest Film Festival at the RoxyTheatre Bingara 2016

19th June 2016
Last night Lesley Ray Michael Sharon Dwayne & ... read more

NDIS Ready

2nd June 2016
The NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme have ... read more

Richard Hanging with Bes

23rd May 2016
There's nothing nicer than hanging out with a dog ... read more

Concert & Medieval Festival

8th May 2016
Living life to the full! Lesley loves bands and da ... read more

A Day Out on the Farm with EDG

3rd May 2016
EDG programs found their way outdoors, on a farm w ... read more

Our Kitchen Rulz Ep.1

29th April 2016
OUR KITCHEN RULZ . Michael whipping up homemade pu ... read more

Our Kitchen Rulz E.2

29th April 2016
OUR KITCHEN RULZ Episode 2 . Great afternoon for s ... read more

Outdoor Furniture Restorations

11th April 2016
Backyard Blitz has nothing on Mick, Richard, Linda ... read more

Fire Safety Information Session

31st March 2016
A 'Fire Safety Information and Demonstration Sessi ... read more

Deb, Darren, Tamara and Skippa the Wallaroo

22nd March 2016
WOW! Deb, Darren and Tamara had a surprise visitor ... read more

The Inverell Show 2016

5th March 2016
What a big night...and a very late night the ... read more

EDG at Copeton Dam

25th February 2016
The best place to be on a hot summers day is near ... read more

Darren at the Gym

22nd February 2016
Darren is in the fitness train every Monday ! And ... read more

Richard's Birthday Luncheon

21st February 2016
Richard enjoyed a birthday luncheon with frie ... read more

Progress on Exterior of Howard Street

18th February 2016
Progress ! This week has been tradies , tools , bo ... read more

Linda & Ginnie Shopping

15th February 2016
A lazy Saturday shopping morning for Linda & G ... read more

Australia Day 2016

8th February 2016
Australia Day celebrations. All the good things in ... read more

Kickin' around on Fridays

29th January 2016
Fridays just aren't Fridays without a kick around. ... read more

Martyn & EDG

7th January 2016
It was a great day in the sunshine to get back int ... read more

At The Inverell RSM Club

7th January 2016
Life is too short to stay home! It's been a long h ... read more

Back in the Swing for 2016

4th January 2016
We are back in the swing for 2016 ! What better th ... read more