IAS: Striving for a community which is free from discrimination,
and a service which supports people to achieve their maximum potential.
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Accessibility Group

The Accessibility group is a working advocacy group in the community established by IAS with a vision each of us can access our community equally. Access for each of us means something different and for you it may be physical, emotional or sensory. Access is about whether a parking space has enough room for you to get in and out, or you can access a local business. At IAS, we recognise that much of “Disability” is socially constructed rather than a medical diagnosis. This group was designed to build networks and projects so everyone is included in a real way. We are working toward each of us having the independence we are entitled to. We advocate and meet with the local council for input into informed planning decisions, the Member of Parliament to discuss inclusive playground areas and are looking to work with the Chamber of Commerce to make our businesses as accessible and welcoming as possible.  Accessibility is also about communication and IAS has introduced Teachmate technology to iPads with a vision our community and local business can become accessible to everyone, whether you communicate verbally or in other ways. This group wants to make a difference so bring your personal experience and knowledge and have a voice.