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Chris the Uno Maestro!

Mon 25th Jul 2022

The UNO Champ has settled into his new home. Watch out for those WILD cards! 

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Easy Vege Spaghetti

Tue 19th Jul 2022

Richard was supported to prepare Easy Vege Spaghetti last night for dinner. Michael and Richard loved it!

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Michael's Truck with Boom Arm

Tue 19th Jul 2022

Michael shows off his awesome tow truck with boom arm. Great job, Michael!

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Inverell Library

Tue 19th Jul 2022

Enjoying activities at the Inverell Library.

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Up at the Lookout

Fri 15th Jul 2022

LOOKOUT!! The men are at the Lookout!

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Brandon spots a Monaro

Thu 14th Jul 2022

Brandon spotted this beautiful HQ Monaro down town and had to get a photo with it. Nice car!

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Practicing Living Skills

Thu 14th Jul 2022

People at day programs practiced their living skills on Wednesday by developing a budget , writing a shopping list , shopping for ingredients and making healthy homemade pizza . Great job, everyone!

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Lawn Bowls

Thu 14th Jul 2022

Karl and Stewart demonstrate their bowling skills at the Inverell East Bowling Club.

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Hunter Region Botanical Gardens

Wed 13th Jul 2022

A lovely morning enjoying some rare and brief sunshine with Gavin at Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

After the lovely gardens we took a trip out to visit Rusty and Shorty.

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Fun with Air Dry Clay

Mon 11th Jul 2022

Michael, Stacey and Chris having fun with air dry clay!

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Fishing at Lake Inverell

Thu 16th Jun 2022

Fishing at Lake Inverell on a beautiful winter day.

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A visit to Glen Innes & District Historical Society

Wed 15th Jun 2022

People from day programs visited the Glen Innes & District Historical Society, last week. There were lots of interesting things to look at including war history, and an old cottage and medical room from when our grandparents (or great grandparents) were young.

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Megan's Crocheted Jumper

Wed 15th Jun 2022

Megan shows off her crocheted jumper - made from memory without a pattern. Awesome work Megan!!

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Ten Pin Bowling

Wed 15th Jun 2022

Anyone for a game of Ten Pin?

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Exercise at Day Programs

Fri 10th Jun 2022

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Richard's awesome truck

Thu 02nd Jun 2022

Richard was supported to make an awesome truck and trailer at the IAS Woodshed. He even made some goats to transport

Well done Richard!

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Gerard and Houdini

Tue 31st May 2022

Gerard and Houdini have a cuddle a day programs.

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Day out at Bingara

Sun 29th May 2022

People from day programs enjoyed at day out at Bingara last Thursday.

The day started with a spot of fishing on the river, followed by a counter lunch and a game of pool at the Bingara Sporties.


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Visit to Green Valley Farm

Sat 28th May 2022

People at day programs had a fun day out at Green Valley Farm last week. I wish I could have joined you!

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Feeding the chickens at Best Community Gardens

Fri 27th May 2022

Emily and Karen feed corn to the chickens at BEST Community Gardens.

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Fishing and enjoying the scenery

Fri 27th May 2022

It is Friday afternoon. Wouldn't it be lovely to be sitting on a river bank with a hand line.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you take a moment to relax and appreciate this beautiful country we live in.


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Lesley and Brandon enjoying the view

Fri 27th May 2022

Lesley and Brandon enjoy a morning out, checking the view over the township of Inverell.

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Brandon makes a banana cake

Fri 20th May 2022

That cake looks divine Brandon!!

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Scrambled eggs for breakfast

Thu 19th May 2022

Lorraine cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast.

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Lesley's Blackout BBQ

Wed 18th May 2022

Lesley knows how to cook during a blackout!!

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Col's new hoodie

Tue 17th May 2022

Col shows off his new hoodie with his nephew Kialu.

Looks absolutely fabulous, Col!


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Darren's day out at Lake Inverell

Tue 17th May 2022

Darren enjoys an early morning walk at Lake Inverell listening to the birds and touching the plant life. Can you tell the moment when Darren hears the aeroplane fly past?

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Michael's Kenwood Truck

Tue 17th May 2022

Check out Michael’s Kenwood Truck. What an amazing job!!

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Michael's new creation under way!

Fri 22nd Apr 2022

The beginnings of another amazing creation!

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Phillip's new scooter!

Fri 22nd Apr 2022

Phillip is super excited about the arrival of his new mobility scooter - The Mean Green Machine!

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Adam's fishing lures

Fri 22nd Apr 2022

Adam shows off his fishing lures.

They look great, Adam! Who wants to go fishing?


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What a Didgeridoo!!

Mon 18th Apr 2022

Col checks out this fantastic didgeridoo at the Inverell markets.

There really are some creative people out there.


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Team Inverell Scrapheap Adventure Ride

Sun 17th Apr 2022

Congratulations to Richard Howard for winning the Scrapheap Encouragement Award. That’s what 700km on dirt roads in a sidecar gets you!

Well done Richard, you are inspirational.

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Fishing at Copeton Dam

Fri 15th Apr 2022

Fishing at Copeton Dam. Did you catch anything Stewart?


... more details

BBQ at Lions Park

Thu 14th Apr 2022

People at Day Programs made the most of the mild weather with at barbeque at Lions Park, Inverell.

... more details

Totem Tennis

Thu 14th Apr 2022

Anyone for a game of Totem Tennis?

... more details

Include Me In Disco

Thu 14th Apr 2022

People came together to enjoy a night of ...

Fun ... Laughter ...

Karaoke and Dancing at Inverell Include Me In Disco last night.

... more details

Richard's ride in the sidecar!

Tue 12th Apr 2022

Richard checks out the sidecar in preparation for his trip to Gulargambone this week.

What an epic adventure!

Have an awesome time, Richard!

... more details

Michael builds a bird feeder

Tue 12th Apr 2022

Michael was supported to build a bird feeder for his neighbour.

It looks fantastic Michael! Great job!

... more details

Easter is coming....

Tue 12th Apr 2022

It is beginning to feel a bit like Easter!!

Great work Karen, Richard, Emily and Gerard!


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Lego Exhibition

Mon 11th Apr 2022

Michael and Richard enjoyed the LEGO Bricks Exhibition at the Inverell Town Hall over the weekend.

According to Adrian Murphy from Brick Events Pty Ltd, some of the more detailed works feature in excess of 30,000 pieces each. How amazing is that?


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Karl in the Kitchen

Mon 11th Apr 2022

Karl was supported to cook Butter Chicken over the weekend. One meal for his dinner and a couple for the freezer. Looks great Karl!

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New Neighbours

Sat 09th Apr 2022

Michael, Sharon and Richard enjoy a cuppa together as new neighbours.

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Thanks Tracey, and all the best!!

Sat 09th Apr 2022

IAS would like to take the opportunity to thank Tracey Sharman for her years of dedicated service and support to the people of Heron Lodge.

We wish you all the best for your future.

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We will miss you!

Fri 08th Apr 2022

Tracey, Jason and Marley visited Heron Lodge last Friday to catch up with people before Michael and Richard relocate to Inverell.

Ginnie, Linda and Peter, your friends and staff at IAS will miss you. We share so many wonderful memories and these memories will live on in our hearts .

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Lesley's Cooking Dinner

Fri 08th Apr 2022

Lesley shows her culinary skills in the kitchen making dinner for her housemates!

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Brandon's scrumptious breakfast!

Tue 29th Mar 2022

There is nothing like a hearty breakfast for a hungry man, and Brandon knows just what he wants when he wakes up hungry on a Sunday morning:

Tomato , eggs , cold meat and avocado

Chop, Cook and Serve Yum!

... more details

Our Veggie Garden!

Tue 29th Mar 2022

People were busy at Inverell day programs last fortnight preparing their vegetable garden.

Everyone was involved with setting up the garden beds, filling them with potting mix and planting the seedlings. It was a real team effort.

Thanks Karen, Gerard, Phillip, Stacey, Flick and B... more details

Sharon's wins again at Inverell Show!

Mon 28th Mar 2022

Sharon did really well at the Inverell Show this year winning First, Second and Third prize for her craft work. Well done, Sharon!

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A Walk and a Swim!

Mon 28th Mar 2022

People participating in Inverell Day Programs enjoy a walk along the Macintyre River and a cool off in the Inverell Swimming Pool.

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Darren washing the car!

Thu 24th Feb 2022

Darren has been keen all week to get the car washed.

Today he had lots of fun washing the car and splashing his support with water and getting splashed back.

He then enjoyed a walk in the park to listen to the birds.


... more details

Lorraine test riding her new Wheelchair

Wed 09th Feb 2022

Lorraine tested out her new wheelchair today with support from Nikki.

Lorraine was able to participate in the community

pay a few bills

go to the chemist ,

and enjoy lunch

They have both given the wheelchair the Thumbs up!


... more details

Chris's 50th Birthday

Tue 08th Feb 2022

Happy Birthday Chris!

50 years young!


... more details

Brandon and Darren- Grocery Shopping

Sun 06th Feb 2022

Darren and Brandon went shopping for their house on Saturday with their support staff.

Brandon racing the shopping cart kept Belinda and Brad on their toes!!

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Recycling Project Under Way!!

Fri 04th Feb 2022

Breaking News Everyone

Our recycling project has got under way.

Some of the team from Newcastle and Gloucester met at the Gloucester house to unpack the 3in1 Loop2Cycle recycling machine yesterday.

At first it seemed like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle and with no obvious instru... more details

Lunch at the Sea Salt Diner

Fri 04th Feb 2022

Jeff, Darren, Lorraine, Leonie, Brandon and Nikki enjoyed lunch at the Sea-salt Diner. Great food, great company and a great way to finish the week!

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Summer Treats

Wed 02nd Feb 2022

Making the most of summer.

Brandon, Stewart, Michael and Chris enjoy a treat from the Deb Ross Van at Lake Inverell.

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Wed 02nd Feb 2022

Last week at day programs was all about celebrating the things we love about Australia.

The Thursday group chose to go cray-bobbing at Gilgai creek.

I love how the men are standing back and watching as Karen picks up her cray-bob (or yabby) and puts it in the bucket.

Good ... more details

Vegetable Ratatouille

Wed 02nd Feb 2022

Brandon being supported by Julie to make Vegetable Ratatouille.

... more details

The Three Musketeers

Tue 01st Feb 2022

Together - The Three Musketeers!

Darren catching up with two of his brothers in early January.

I reckon these three created a world of mischief when they were younger


... more details

Australia Day Craft at Day Programs

Tue 01st Feb 2022

The guys were busy doing craft for Australia Day. Check out their creations!

... more details

Lunch at the Inverell RSM Club

Tue 01st Feb 2022

Darren, Leonie, Nikki, Kris, Lorraine, Brandon, Flick and Brad (taking the photo) celebrated the end of 2021 by having lunch at the Inverell RSM Club.

... more details

New England Woodturning and Sculptures

Tue 01st Feb 2022

Karen sits back and enjoys the view at the New England Woodturning and Sculpture Park, Gilgai.

... more details

Stewart's Woodworking Skills

Tue 01st Feb 2022

Stewart shows of his skills in the IAS Woodshed in Inverell. He is becoming quite skilled on the wood lathe and has learnt how to use the band saw.

Today Stewart was supported to make a Naughts and Crosses board game, which he chose to present to Penny (CEO) as a gift.


... more details

Stewart making Apricot Chicken

Mon 31st Jan 2022

Stewart attempting to make Apricot Chicken for the first time. How did it turn out Stewart? It looks amazing!!

... more details

Lorraine and Karen making Banana Bread

Mon 31st Jan 2022

Karen and Lorraine making banana bread.

... more details

Sunny Days in January

Wed 19th Jan 2022

Catching up on some of the fun had by everyone during the Christmas Holidays.

A sunny day out at Lake Inverell and a sunny smile from Sharon.

Loving the Christmas colou... more details

Lake Inverell

Thu 13th Jan 2022

Last week Darren, Brandon and Lorraine enjoying lunch together at Lake Inverell.

... more details

Dan helps run a Disco

Thu 13th Jan 2022

Dan helped a friend run a disco for an 18th birthday party just before Christmas.

The requested play list of songs and artists were not so familiar to Dan but he managed to get all the young ones up dancing and a few of the oldies too. Well done Dan

What a great place for a party ... more details

Dan, Stewie and Ozzie

Thu 13th Jan 2022

After entertaining the party goers, Dan and his horse Stewie and dog Ozzie had a lovely ride out finishing up with a lovely cool down in the river.

... more details

Aurizon Community

Wed 05th Jan 2022

Not long now until the IAS team can start "Reclaiming Value" from waste plastic, turning waste into valuable new things.

Our machines are on their way and we are excited 

We are also delighted to now be proudly supported by the Aurizon Community Giving Fund at our Hunter Vall... more details

Christmas at Rose Street

Wed 29th Dec 2021

2021 Christmas at Rose Street.

Thank you Debbie and Leonie for spreading the Christmas Spirit and helping make the day special.


... more details

Col - 1964 Ford Fairlane

Mon 27th Dec 2021

Col couldn't walk past this beautifully restored 1964 Ford Fairlane without getting a photograph to share with his Facebook friends.

... more details

Darren in the Kitchen

Thu 23rd Dec 2021

Jeff uses hand-over-hand support to help Darren prepare the vegetables for dinner. Great job guys!

... more details

Colin in the Kitchen

Thu 23rd Dec 2021

Col demonstrates his skills in the kitchen.

The freezer is stocked up with meals for when he doesn't feel like cooking over the Christmas and New Year period. Good thinking, Col


... more details

IAS Christmas Party

Tue 21st Dec 2021

The IAS Christmas party was held at the Sapphire Chinese Restaurant this year. Great food, great company, fantastic night!! Thanks everyone for attending.

... more details

BBQ at Rose & High

Fri 17th Dec 2021

It has been a long time since people at Rose and High have been able to enjoy a BBQ together. Sometimes it is the little things like catching up with your neighbours that makes all the difference.

... more details

Cooking Xmas Goodies

Thu 16th Dec 2021

Lots of Christmas activities going on at IAS and we love it.

Karen, Gerard and Stacey have been busy in the kitchen creating some yummy Christmas goodies.

I'm sure they tasted as good as they looked.


... more details

Making Xmas Decorations

Tue 07th Dec 2021

Today was a busy day in the craft room with Emily, Karen, Brandon, Chris, and Gerard making a variety of Christmas decorations to brighten up their homes.

The Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees look amazing!

... more details

Christmas Tree

Mon 06th Dec 2021

It is December and Christmas is in the air!

Chris put up his Christmas tree up on 1st December and hung his Christmas lights. Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?


... more details

Decorating Xmas Tree

Mon 06th Dec 2021

Darren was supported by Karen to assemble and start decorating the Christmas tree on the weekend. Great job!

... more details

International Day of People with Disability 2021

Fri 03rd Dec 2021

Celebrating International Day of People With Disability.

Celebrating Darren and the fun he had while being support to make jelly the other day.

Hope it was tasty Darren and you enjoyed eating it as much as you did making it.

... more details

Copeton Dam at 100%

Fri 03rd Dec 2021

The men said, We want go out to Copeton and see the Dam at 100% capacity...and this is the only photo of the water they bring back! How funny!!

... more details

At Copeton Dam

Fri 03rd Dec 2021

Michael, Stewart, Chris, Gerard and Brandon had a wonderful day at Copeton Waters Holiday Park on Thursday. Michael and Stewart helped cook the bbq and everyone enjoyed an ice cream at the Kiosk after lunch.

... more details

Include Me Christmas Party

Thu 02nd Dec 2021

Many thanks to the Uniting Church for the amazing Include Me Christmas Party last night.

Sharon enjoyed the Christmas Karaoke and Brandon got very excited when he heard the sleigh bell's ringing, think he knew who might be arriving!

And he was right, Santa arrived, gave out presen... more details

Phillip's Birthday

Thu 02nd Dec 2021

Sorry we are late Phillip, wishing you a happy birthday.

The cake looks like it was lovely and we hope you had a good birthday celebration!

... more details

Gone Fishing!!

Tue 30th Nov 2021

A great day out fishing before the rains came

Chris, Brandon, Michael and Karen @ Lake Inverell.

Looks like Karen caught the catch of the day!!


... more details

Look What Karl has Prepared!

Tue 09th Nov 2021

Karl shows off his crop of home grown strawberries and batch of chocolate chip biscuits. Well done Karl, they both look delicious!!

... more details

Darren keeping in contact with family

Tue 09th Nov 2021

Darren clearly enjoys chatting on the phone with his brothers and sisters. Keeping in contact by phone or social media is truly important in these days and times when face to face visits with family and friends may not be possible.

... more details

Melbourne Cup Day 2021

Fri 05th Nov 2021

2021 Melbourne Cup Day fun at IAS with hats, feathers, and masks around our chins. Could be a new fashion trend!

... more details

Brandon Busy at Home

Fri 05th Nov 2021

Brandon was busy at home yesterday painting and helping cook dinner for the household.

... more details

Steel Tongue Drum

Fri 05th Nov 2021

Banging on my steel tongue drum!

... more details

Guess who celebrated their birthday last week?

Mon 11th Oct 2021

Happy Birthday for last week Col. Got any of that fine cake left?

... more details

Stewart made candle holders

Mon 11th Oct 2021

Stewart shows off the candle holders he made in the IAS work shed today.

... more details

Time for a pedicure

Wed 06th Oct 2021

Spring is the perfect time for a pedicure. That foot soak looks awesome Lesley 😀

... more details

Precious Plastic Logo Competition!

Tue 05th Oct 2021

IAS would like to thank everyone for their entries in our Precious Plastics Logo competition. We are thrilled to announce the winners.
1st: Prize: David Wright
2nd Prize: Sharon George
3rd Prize: Michael Clark
Runners up: Martyn Campbell, Andrew Denholm, Rebecca Murray and... more details

Sharon helping out with the gardening

Tue 05th Oct 2021

Sharon brought some brightness to IAS this week by helping to plant and water some petunias in our Inverell office garden. Thanks Sharon 😀

... more details

BBQ today

Tue 05th Oct 2021

Emily, Brandon and Stewart do a great job on the bbq at day programs.

... more details

Cooking Pizzas

Thu 30th Sep 2021

People were supported to cook pizza at day programs this week. Brandon is definitely a fan! 😀

... more details

Happy Birthday Mick!!

Mon 27th Sep 2021

Happy Birthday Michael, good lookin'cake there!

... more details

Mates :)

Sun 26th Sep 2021

Sometimes being a friend is sitting alongside your mate and letting them know you are there. Good on ya, Brandon 😀👍

... more details

Stewart's new woodwork projects

Tue 21st Sep 2021

Stewart shows off his latest woodwork creations - a cup holder and goblet.

... more details

Darren preparing dinner

Tue 21st Sep 2021

I truly wish I found preparing dinner as enjoyable as Darren - it must be the company 😂more details

Our New Recycling Project

Wed 15th Sep 2021

Today is the day we let you know what we have been working on.

Are you READY ……. ❓❓❓❓

IAS Inverell is excited to announce a recycling project (yet to be named) that will see us become Super Heroes …. 🦸‍♂️

Super Heroes I hea... more details

Lunch in the Park

Mon 13th Sep 2021

Darren enjoys lunch in the park with his brother Terry and sister-in-law Christine.

... more details

What is IAS up to?

Mon 13th Sep 2021

👨‍🌾 The team at IAS are working on something very exciting at the minute.

🥳 We are bursting to tell all and will reveal very soon.

🤓 Watch this space...

🤔 See photo for a clue.......🤫

... more details

A Big Thanks to the Aspen Medical Team!

Mon 13th Sep 2021

IAS would like to thank the team from Aspen Medical for running the recent Pfizer vaccination hub at Inverell and Glen Innes. The friendly and professional care provided by Craig, Josh, Polly and Juff was much appreciated and put everyone at ease. We wish you all the best. Keep up the great work!... more details

Happy Birthday Lesley!

Thu 09th Sep 2021

Happy Birthday Lesley from IAS!

... more details

Spring is Here!

Wed 08th Sep 2021

Spring is definitely here. The days are warming up and the grass and weeds are growing. Thanks Chris for helping to apply Weed 'n Feed to the front "lawn" (clover patch) at IAS Inverell. Jason looks impressed 😀

... more details

Linda plays Monopoly

Fri 03rd Sep 2021

Last night Linda was a Monopoly Real Estate tycoon. With 8 properties on the board, she was a definite winner!

... more details

Lambs Fry with Bacon?

Thu 02nd Sep 2021

Lamb's Fry with bacon. Yes 👍 or No 👎 ?
It is a 👍 from me 😋

... more details

Karl shoots some hoops!

Tue 31st Aug 2021

Karl made the most of the fine weather last weekend to practice his basketball skills.

... more details

Puppies are Awesome!!

Tue 31st Aug 2021

Sometimes all you need is cuddle! Max is so cute and precious - Thank you Kristine for sharing the joy. 😀

... more details

Staying active during lockdown

Thu 26th Aug 2021

Brandon is on a bike riding mission with nowhere to go..Thanks Lock-down! 😂

On a serious note, fresh air, sunshine and exercise are important for maintaining our well being while staying at home. So please, take care of yourselves and follow Brandon's example. Get outside and be a... more details

Darren makes fruit salad

Thu 26th Aug 2021

Fruit salad...yummy, yummy....Fruit salad 😋

... more details

IAS Covid Vax Hub

Wed 25th Aug 2021

Aspen Medical conducted a Covid-19 Vax Hub at IAS this week. People, staff and even a Board Member rolled up their sleeves to receive their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. We were also able to offer vaccines to another local service provider so no vaccines were wasted. All up, 44 people receive... more details

Brandon making zucchini slice

Sun 22nd Aug 2021

The silver lining of lock -down is increased opportunities to develop skills in the home. Brandon is doing an excellent job making zucchini slice for dinner. Well done Brandon and the team!

... more details

Making scones during lockdown

Mon 16th Aug 2021

What better way to spend lock-down than making scones to share with your housemates. Doing a good job, Brandon. 😋

... more details

Lorraine's new glasses

Thu 05th Aug 2021

Lorraine shows off her new glasses. Looking good Lorraine! 🤩 

... more details

IAS Day Programs - Collage

Thu 05th Aug 2021

An example of the collage work being done at day programs Inverell. I love the colours and textures.

... more details

Diamond Artwork by Karen

Thu 05th Aug 2021

A Diamond Artwork completed by Karen.

... more details

Michael's Winter Inspired Artwork

Thu 05th Aug 2021

I like this picture created by Michael. It captures the colour and mood of winter.

... more details

Chris at the Bridge Cafe

Tue 03rd Aug 2021

Chris enjoys a yummy Strawberry Crumb Cheesecake at the Bridge Cafe in Inverell.

... more details

Lesley cooking a cottage pie

Wed 28th Jul 2021

Lesley is supported by Cass to cook a cottage pie for the household. Great job, Lesley 😋

... more details

Stewart cooking his signature dish!

Wed 28th Jul 2021

Stewart cooking his signature dish - Sweet and Sour Meatballs. Looking good, Stewart 👍

... more details

Karen & Gerard on the BBQ

Wed 28th Jul 2021

Karen and Gerard did an awesome job cooking the barbeque for people at day programs last Thursday. 😀

... more details

Brandon and Gerard painting vases

Wed 28th Jul 2021

Brandon and Gerard in deep concentration as they paint their vases at Inverell Day Programs this week.

... more details

Emily's craft work

Wed 28th Jul 2021

Emily shows off her craft work. Looking good, Emily!

... more details

Karl in the kitchen

Wed 28th Jul 2021

Karl was busy on the weekend making chicken stir-fry and blueberry muffins. 😋

... more details

Stewart backs the Eels!

Thu 15th Jul 2021

Stewart is a proud Parramatta Eels supporter. He made this money box during woodwork, and wanted to share it on Facebook. Well done, Stewart!

... more details

Gerard and Brandon checking out the river

Thu 08th Jul 2021

We have been getting good rain in Inverell. Gerard and Brandon checked out the river while out and about at day programs this week.

... more details

Pizza making at IAS

Thu 08th Jul 2021

Pizza making at IAS Inverell Day Programs was a huge success. We didn't get to use the pizza oven last year, so it was time drag it out, clean it up and give it a test run. We learned that the oven gets a bit hot on the bottom shelf, but nothing an extra layer of foil couldn't fix.
The pizz... more details

Day Programs & Current Health Orders

Thu 01st Jul 2021

Day Program activities look a bit different when following the current Health Orders. Thank you everyone for doing your part: washing your hands, social distancing and wearing a mask to help keep our community safe.

... more details

Sharon at RSM Club

Wed 30th Jun 2021

The weather has been cold and bleak in Inverell for the last week or so. Sharon didn't let this get her down. She dressed in her new outfit, put on some makeup and enjoyed lunch at the RSM (and all before mask wearing became necessary again)

... more details

Snow Chasing!!

Tue 15th Jun 2021

People attending IAS Day Programs in Inverell went snow chasing last Thursday and had a fabulous day throwing snow balls, building a snowman and then warming up with lunch at the Royal Hotel, Guyra.

... more details

Banana Muffins!!

Tue 15th Jun 2021

Brandon was supported to bake banana muffins on the weekend. They look great. Well done Brandon and Karen.

... more details

Lorraine at the lookout

Tue 15th Jun 2021

Angela and Lorraine at McIIlveen Park Lookout, Inverell.more details

It's cold outside...

Tue 08th Jun 2021

Darren and Col make the most of the cold weather by keeping warm inside and having a cuppa and a chin wag. 😀

... more details

Darren and Nikki preparing Veggies

Tue 08th Jun 2021

Darren and Nikki pause for a photo while preparing vegetables for dinner.

... more details

Michael's woodwork projects

Tue 08th Jun 2021

Michael has been doing some great work in the IAS Workshed. The workmanship on his money box and lathed goblet is very impressive. He is obviously receiving some great guidance. Well done Michael and Jason!

... more details

Linda has been busy...

Sun 23rd May 2021

Linda was busy a couple of weekends ago. She helped her mum celebrate her birthday and Mother's Day with a special lunch. She made a Cottage pie, an apple pie for desert and then surprised her by playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano organ.

... more details

Brandon uses the wood lathe

Sun 23rd May 2021

Brandon is supported to use the wood lathe at the IAS Workshed in Inverell. Great job Brandon!

... more details

Gerard uses the finishing sander

Sun 23rd May 2021

Gerard uses a wood sander to smooth out some timber for his next project.

... more details

Chris made a wooden truck!

Tue 04th May 2021

Chris proudly shows off the wooden truck he made for his young nephew in the IAS Workshed.

... more details

Stewart wins the Ten Pin Trophy!

Tue 04th May 2021

Stewart was the winner of the IAS Ten Pin Trophy last week. I wonder who will win the next challenge? 😀

... more details

The Workshed is running again!!

Thu 29th Apr 2021

The IAS Workshed in Inverell is up and running again. The shed and storage space has been tidied up and people are hard at work being creative. Well done everyone!

... more details

Linda's morning tea

Thu 29th Apr 2021

Linda was supported to go out for morning tea. She is clearly happy with her choices. That blueberry muffin looks delicious, Linda! 😋

... more details

Lorraine at the Aussie Cafe

Thu 29th Apr 2021

Lorraine relaxes while waiting for her coffee.

... more details

Sharon at the Inverell Markets

Wed 28th Apr 2021

Sharon enjoys a day out at the Sunday Markets in Inverell.

... more details

Testing out the new Hiace

Tue 06th Apr 2021

People at day programs test out the new Hiace Commuter. Very roomy!

... more details

At the BEST Food Gardens

Tue 06th Apr 2021

Checking out the aviary, petting the hens and collecting the eggs at the BEST Food Gardens, Inverell.

... more details

Easter 2021

Thu 01st Apr 2021

Easter is almost here and it is time to put on your Easter hats and have a bit of fun. Happy Easter everyone!!

... more details

Richard in the Kitchen

Wed 31st Mar 2021

Richard made pizza scrolls for Sunday lunch, which were very popular with his house mates. They look so yummy I might make some this weekend!😋

... more details

Ginnie's new glasses

Wed 31st Mar 2021

Ginnie shows off her new glasses. They look fabulous!

... more details

Col's outing in the bush with Armajun

Sun 21st Mar 2021

Col loves spending time in country. Last Friday he joined a group from Armajun Inverell to discuss culture and basic wildfire awareness.

... more details

Micky B the Handyman!

Sun 14th Mar 2021

It is great to have a handyman around the home. Good job, Michael!

... more details

Uno Innovations

Thu 11th Mar 2021

Have you ever struggled to hold a handful of cards when playing UNO or any other card game? Stewart uses a piece of old pool noodle cut in half and a slit along the top to help hold his cards. What a great idea!

... more details

The Craft Room

Thu 11th Mar 2021

It is good to see the craft room being used again. The new storage units look great!

... more details

Local Legends Race Day Glen Innes 2021

Wed 10th Mar 2021

Fashions on the field at the 2021 Local Legends Race Day at Glen Innes. Looking fabulous everyone!!

... more details

Tenpin Inverell

Wed 10th Mar 2021

Catching up and having fun at TenPin Inverell.

... more details

Pioneer Village

Wed 10th Mar 2021

Visiting Pioneer Village, Inverell.

... more details

Stewart volunteering to help those in need

Wed 10th Mar 2021

Stewart is supported to volunteer with BEST Food Gardens to distribute produce to those in need.

... more details

A fine day for it

Wed 10th Mar 2021

Brandon helps with the barbeque, while Lorraine does her knitting.

... more details

Lesley enjoying a pedicure

Thu 11th Feb 2021

Lesley sits back and enjoys a pedicure. What a wonderful way to relax and be kind to yourself 😀

... more details

Karen and Gerard in the kitchen

Thu 11th Feb 2021

Karen and Gerard made scones to share at Coffee Club on Tuesday. They look awesome!

... more details

Brandon and Tracey

Thu 11th Feb 2021

Brandon and Tracey pose for a picture before Coffee Club. 😀

... more details

Jeanette meets Brad Fitler

Thu 11th Feb 2021

Brad Fittler spent some time with Jeanette on his annual HOGS for the Homeless Ride through Gloucester today.

... more details

Stewart's Gonna Win!!

Sun 07th Feb 2021

Stewart looks as if he is planning some big moves!

... more details

Karl's got the moves!!

Sun 07th Feb 2021

Any challengers?

... more details

Rebecca's Volunteer Work

Wed 27th Jan 2021

Rebecca's second week volunteering at Gloucester Community Shop and already fitting right in.

... more details

Kyle's String Art

Wed 27th Jan 2021

We think Kyle’s string art is pretty impressive! Well done Kyle and Chloe 👏

... more details

Day Programs are Back in Full Swing!!

Wed 27th Jan 2021

IAS Day Programs are back in full swing with the men participating in activities at the Inverell Sporting Complex.

... more details

Day out at Forster

Tue 26th Jan 2021

Mitchel, Kyle and Andy had a great day out at Forster. Look at that food from The Sicilian restaurant!

... more details

Chillaxing at Mac

Sun 24th Jan 2021

Sharing a joke, chillaxing and shooting the breeze at Mac.😀

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Out and About in Inverell

Thu 07th Jan 2021

Out and about in Inverell

... more details

Angus at Oakvale Animal Farm

Wed 06th Jan 2021

Angus enjoying a day out at Oakvale Animal Farm 😁

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Col's Christmas Cake

Tue 29th Dec 2020

A big "Thank you" to Danelle for baking this fabulous sugar free cake for Col to enjoy with his family for Christmas. It was double layered and at least 12cm high. Col is still all smiles today when he talks about his "Christmas cake" 😀

... more details

Chris in the Garden

Tue 29th Dec 2020

Look what Chris found hiding found hiding in his garden. 😀

... more details

Brandon Checking out a Motorbike

Wed 23rd Dec 2020

Hey Santa! All I want for Christmas is a new bike.😀

... more details

Micky B's Xmas Decorations

Wed 23rd Dec 2020

We certainly have some creative people in IAS. Michael made a centre piece for the Heron house, using recycled Christmas decorations. Michael worked late into the night and the glue gun worked over time for about 2 hours. Michael says "It’s a beauty!"

... more details

Sharon Enjoying the Christmas Carols

Wed 23rd Dec 2020

It is beginning to look a bit like Christmas!! Sharon has her candle ready for the Combined Churches Christmas Carols.

... more details

Xmas is Nearly Here!!

Sun 13th Dec 2020

It is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas at IAS. Lorraine, Lesley and Chris pose for a Christmas photograph, while Michael shows off his decorated tree. Looks great Michael!

... more details

Xmas is Coming!!

Tue 01st Dec 2020

Wishing everyone a Joyful Christmas, from Colin.

... more details

Christmas in the Highlands

Sun 29th Nov 2020

Everyone at Heron attended Christmas in the Highlands. There were market stalls and everyone enjoyed dinner out. The highlight of the evening was the lighting of the Christmas tree. Santa even made an appearance for the young at heart.

... more details

Brandon at Transport Museum and Lake Inverell

Wed 25th Nov 2020

Brandon had a lovely day out on Tuesday. First he checked out the Inverell Transport Museum and then the took in the view at Lake Inverell. This time last year there was no 'lake' just a puddle. What a difference a year can make!

... more details

Lorraine at Lake Inverell

Tue 24th Nov 2020

Picture perfect moments at Lake Inverell.

... more details

Darren at Community Gardens Inverell

Wed 18th Nov 2020

Darren checks out the KUBOTA at the BEST Community Gardens in Inverell.

... more details

Brandon at Community Gardens Inverell

Wed 18th Nov 2020

Brandon had a great day out. He helped collect the eggs at the BEST Community Gardens, patted a hen, said "Hello" to a horse, checked out some young birds and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun.

... more details

Linda and Richard - Afternoon Tea

Wed 18th Nov 2020

Linda and Richard enjoy afternoon tea together.

... more details

Linda Out and About

Tue 10th Nov 2020

Linda out and about enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.

... more details

Chris in the Workshed

Tue 10th Nov 2020

Chris was busy in the IAS Workshed last weekend - planning, measuring, sawing and drilling. Good job, Chris!

... more details

Wendy Saving the Planet

Sun 25th Oct 2020

Wendy is doing her bit to save the planet, she has been busy making Christmas bags, to be able to reuse at Christmas time instead of using paper.
Wendy also takes responsibility for collecting the recycled bottles and cans from IAS Gloucester. Money collected goes to buying our craft suppli... more details

Nathan Making Posters

Sun 25th Oct 2020


Nathan was busy making posters to take to his footy team’s grand final on the weekend.
Go Dungog!more details

Sharon's Birthday

Sat 24th Oct 2020

Sharon celebrated her birthday last week. What a lovely cake and presents. Happy birthday Sharon!

... more details

Stewart's Cooking

Thu 15th Oct 2020

Master Chef, Stewart, cooks up a feast!

... more details

Bird Watching at Lake Inverell

Mon 12th Oct 2020

Chris had a lovely morning out last week - bird watching at Lake Inverell followed by a nice cool drink at the Australia Cafe.

... more details

Making Pizzas

Mon 12th Oct 2020

Saturday night was Pizza Night. Lesley and Brandon demonstrate their pizza making skills.

... more details

Sharon at the Deer Park in Armidale

Wed 07th Oct 2020

Sharon feeds Daisy at the Deer Park, Armidale. It looks like Daisy's friend is wanting some food too!

... more details

Sharon's Holiday

Wed 07th Oct 2020

Day one of Sharon's holiday. Feeding the deer was a highlight. She then shopped til she dropped and enjoyed dinner at the Railway Hotel. Sharon, your smile says it all!

... more details

Brandon Baking a Cake

Mon 05th Oct 2020

Brandon demonstrates his baking skills!!

... more details

Daniel's Great Day Out

Mon 05th Oct 2020

Daniel had a great day out last Saturday at Harrington and Crowdy Head! (IAS Gloucester)

... more details

Painting and Puzzles

Mon 05th Oct 2020

Col has been busy painting an old bee box and Sharon shows off her completed jigsaw puzzle.

... more details

Micky B Cooking Hotdogs!

Mon 05th Oct 2020

What better way to welcome in day light savings time and celebrate the public holiday than an easy dinner of hot dogs!

... more details

MickyB's Birthday 2020

Sun 27th Sep 2020

Michael celebrates his birthday with mum and his house mates. What an awesome cake! Hoping you had a wonderful day. Best wishes from IAS.

... more details

Bee Box Innovations

Tue 22nd Sep 2020

Chris was supported to up-cycle an old bee box to make a storage box for his unit. He is thinking of putting some padding on the top so the box can double as a footstool.

... more details

Carol's Peach and Pear Sorbet

Fri 18th Sep 2020

Carol is an excellent cook. Here she shows Deb how she uses her Thermomix to make peach and pear sorbet. Looks delicious!

... more details

The Days are Warming Up!!

Thu 17th Sep 2020

The days are warming up. Sharon makes the most of the nice weather and spent some time in the park colouring in.

... more details

Phillip is back on a horse!

Thu 17th Sep 2020

Phillip is back on a horse and is all smiles. He said: "Now I have something to look forward to each week!"more details

Maintaining Cultural Connections

Fri 11th Sep 2020

Maintaining cultural connections is very important for identity and well being. In recent weeks, IAS has had the pleasure of listening to Dylan as he plays the digeridoo for Uncle Col. Even Glenn had a go! .

... more details

Colin made a Didgeridoo!!

Fri 11th Sep 2020

Over the last few months, Colin was supported to make his own didgeridoo. He used a wood plane to smooth the surface before sanding and painting.
Well done, Colin!

... more details

Linda's Cooking Adventures

Wed 09th Sep 2020

What did you get up to over the weekend? Linda chose to do some baking.

... more details

Richard Cooks Fajitas

Wed 09th Sep 2020

Everyone went outside the box last night as Richard cooked Fajitas. It was a chatty, interactive and progressive dinner. Yum!

... more details

Flower Garden

Thu 27th Aug 2020

People at Heron have been busy in the garden this winter. Michael demonstrates his skills with the whipper snipper and Richard admires a flower in his garden. Who knows the name of this flower?

... more details

Enjoying the Winter Sun!

Thu 27th Aug 2020

Brandon, Darren and Colin enjoying the winter sun...

... more details

Halloween Face Masks?

Mon 24th Aug 2020

Yikes!!! Are they trying to scare us? Has Halloween come early to Gloucester? No, it's Jeanette and Jo making themselves even more beautiful with skin treatments masks!

... more details

Rainbow Over IAS

Thu 20th Aug 2020

Rainbows mean different things to different people. To some people the rainbow represents a bridge of hope and a pathway to new beginnings. It is a sign to take a leap of faith. Annette took this photo this morning. What do you think the rainbow over IAS represents?

... more details


Wed 19th Aug 2020

High finances at IAS House Gloucester today!

... more details

Puppies are Too Cute!!

Tue 11th Aug 2020

When the days a drab and you are missing family, sometimes a cuddle with a puppy makes all the difference.

... more details

Cooking on Cold Days!

Mon 10th Aug 2020

The days have been cold in the New England. Perfect time to be in the kitchen and cook up some comfort food. Karl's pumpkin soup looks amazing. Darren and Jemeale prepare banana muffins, and Chris's choc chi... more details

Farewell Barry, We'll Miss You.

Sun 12th Jul 2020

IAS would like to take time to remember Barry Rice who passed away last month. Our deepest thoughts go to Trish and family. Barry and Trish have been part of IAS for many years, were part of the team for Our... more details

Darren Meets Adam Marshall

Fri 03rd Jul 2020

You never know who you will run into on a lakeside walk. Darren and Kris, and Adam Marshall social distancing.

... more details

Another Week at Home

Sun 10th May 2020

This past week has had it's share of ups and downs, getting used to another week of being home and still wishing it was different. Everyone at Rose St decided they needed a weekend of celebration and created... more details

Keeping Busy During Lockdown

Fri 01st May 2020

It has been a few rough weeks, everyone misses routines, programs, work , seeing people who matter to us, being out and part of our community. So what have we been doing? Everyone has been busy, hoping isola... more details

Anzac Day 2020

Sun 26th Apr 2020

Lest We Forget.

... more details

Easter Preparations at Heron

Tue 07th Apr 2020

Everyone at Heron has embraced the changes to routines and isolation of being home with a very busy week . As Easter approaches , Michael, Ginnie , Richard , Peter and Linda have been making chocolates, East... more details

New Routines and Coping at Home

Thu 26th Mar 2020

Life looks different this week. Programs & work places have closed and being home is the new routine . We are being asked to keep distance, isolate and observe new practices to stay safe. Sharon now unde... more details

IAS - These Uncertain Times

Wed 25th Mar 2020

IAS would like to touch base with everyone in these uncertain and changing times. Our role to support people in their homes continues and we are working hard to take every measure possible to prevent the transmiss... more details

Inverell Show Weekend

Sun 01st Mar 2020

Another great weekend at the Inverell Show on Friday & Saturday. Karl received 1st and 2nd places for his paintings, Karen received 1st place for her craft, Sharon received first place for her painting. ... more details

Jeanette at Manpower Show

Tue 25th Feb 2020

Jeanette was supported to go and see the Manpower show at Club Taree. Kalen and Michalie said she had a great time and by the look of that cheeky smile I think she did! 

... more details

Creative Tuesday

Mon 24th Feb 2020

It was a creative Tuesday in Day Programs. Karen, Chris, Michael, Linda and Gerry were preparing items with Carly, which will be entered into the Inverell Show. Michael soothed our community space with his g... more details

Col's Kitchen Rules!!

Wed 19th Feb 2020

My Kitchen Rules, Col style. Col has become quite the chef and very proud of his efforts!

... more details

Glen Innes Show 2020

Mon 17th Feb 2020

It was Glen Innes Show time last weekend. Michael, Peter, Glenn and Jeff enjoyed the highlights during both the day and night, a favourite being the monster trucks and demolition derby. Michael had worked ha... more details

Daniel and Callan at Wingham Brush

Sun 09th Feb 2020

IAS Gloucester; Last week Daniel had a lovely day at Wingham Brush - checking out the bats, bush turkeys and huge trees, After walking the trails through the brush Daniel and his support person, Callan, had ... more details

Lesley & Cass - Tamworth Country Music Festival

Fri 24th Jan 2020

Lesley and Cass attended the Tamworth Country Music Festival last Friday, mingling with buskers and watching concerts. Lesley's favourite musicians were Chad Morgan and Smokey Dawson and she was able t... more details

Tom Curtain Katherine Outback Experience

Sun 19th Jan 2020

Jeanette had a great night out at the Tom Curtain Katherine Outback Experience. The 'We're Still Here Tour' in support of communities suffering drought. Great horse and dog demos and fantastic ... more details

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Tue 24th Dec 2019

Merry Christmas from everyone at IAS. We hope today and over the holidays, you spend time with people who bring you joy, feel belonging and make memories!🎄

... more details

Holidays have Started!!

Sat 21st Dec 2019

It was hot enough to cool down. Holidays have started for Karl, Chris and Phillip who found a cool drink & spot at their local Sporties Club.

... more details

The IAS Cookbook

Tue 17th Dec 2019

IAS Gloucester: Jessica with the help of her support worker Sharon has produced the IAS Cookbook - yum! Full of great recipes - sections include Main Meals, Salads, Cakes and Desserts, Drinks and Nibbl... more details

Photo with Santa

Mon 16th Dec 2019

Lesley and Brandon saw Santa whilst out shopping. Lesley quickly introduced herself and shook his hand and Santa invited them both for a photo. Lesley said this is the first time in her life she has sa... more details

IAS Gloucester Xmas Party!

Wed 11th Dec 2019

IAS Gloucester - fun was had at the Christmas Party!!

... more details

Last Coffee Club Meet for 2019

Tue 10th Dec 2019

IAS Inverell Tuesday Coffee Club celebrated their year with an afternoon tea at the RSM . It was filled with cuppa and cake, gifts and plenty of laughter. Coffee Club has become an important social out... more details

Christmas is near...

Sun 08th Dec 2019

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas. Tis the season for red suits, decorating trees & our homes, BBQ's with friends and sharing in the festive fun. We hope you are feeling the spirit of Chri... more details

Karaoke Christmas Carols

Sun 08th Dec 2019

Karaoke Carols at IAS Gloucester. Judy Ingram, the music teacher from Gloucester High School, brought some of her lovely students to Coffee Club to lead us in Christmas Carols and have some fun with Ka... more details

IAS Christmas Party 2019

Tue 03rd Dec 2019

IAS community space was overflowing with festive spirit last night . It was a great celebration of the Christmas season with food and more food, followed by dessert, laughter and meeting with friends. ... more details

It's Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas...

Mon 25th Nov 2019

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas as IAS prepares for its AGM and Christmas party tomorrow night. Decoration of the community centre in Howard St this year is entirely by handiwork and creativ... more details

Inverell Picnic Race Day 2019

Sun 24th Nov 2019

It was off & racing for Sharon, Christine, Karl, Phillip and Mick this afternoon at Inverell Picnic Race Day. Everyone enjoyed the festivities & picking a winner (or a runner up). Another great... more details

Tingha Tin Festival 2019

Tue 19th Nov 2019

Tingha Tin Festival attracted a large crowd last weekend, including Col, Karen, Gerry, Brandon, Michael, Sharon, Lesley, Tara, Mick , Deb and Allison. The parade and SES were the favourites of the day,... more details

IMI Christmas Party

Thu 14th Nov 2019

The festive season is here. Karl, Chris, Phillip, Sharon , Lou, Christine and Tara attended the IMI Christmas Party this week. It was a great night of festive spirit, friends, food , gifts and live mus... more details

In Memory of Paul Clarke

Tue 12th Nov 2019

Yesterday we took time for a morning tea with Pam and Craig in memory of Paul Clarke. We supported Paul for periods of time from early 2018. We will always remember his love of music, particularly John... more details

Tai Chi on Wednesdays

Tue 12th Nov 2019

The lovely Linda Benson visits us at IAS Gloucester every Wednesday for Tai Chi.

... more details

Lesley and Chris's Wedding Anniversary

Mon 04th Nov 2019

Lesley & Chris celebrated their wedding anniversary on the weekend. They enjoyed coffee, a movie at the cinema & dinner together. Congratulations to 6 years as husband... more details

Coffee Club Goes Pink

Wed 30th Oct 2019

Coffee Club at IAS Gloucester went pink last week to raise money for a local cancer support group. We dressed in pink, ate pink, played games and raised some money. $145 was handed to Barbara Lamb from... more details

Megan's New Crocheted Top

Fri 18th Oct 2019

Megan has a remarkable skill - she is a crochet whizz, always busy making something new, always without a pattern. Megan's designs are unique & clever. Megan is very proud of her latest creation, t... more details

Weekend Roadtrip to Inverell

Mon 14th Oct 2019

Ginnie, Peter, Richard, Michael, Lyn, Kristy and Fran made the most of the weekend's rainy day with a road trip to Inverell. Everyone enjoyed an afternoon in the alleys of Ten Pin Bowling , a pizza lun... more details

Wendy gets her Full Drivers License

Mon 14th Oct 2019

Wendy has been driving with her provisional licence (P's) for 10 years. Wendy said that attending programs at IAS Gloucester and her support worker Ceejay gave her the confidence to finally get her ful... more details

Col's Birthday!

Tue 08th Oct 2019

Col had his 60th birthday today! Chris and Tara cooked a surprise chocolate cake and made some decorations with Sharon's help. Col's ears must have to be ringing from all the cheers and birthday songs!! Have a great day Col, you're rockin' 60 with the greatest of ease!!

... more details

Making Pom Poms in Day Programs

Tue 17th Sep 2019

Karen, Chris and Carly are making pom pom mats and wall-hangings in Day Programs. Carly always has Day Programs overflowing with creative ideas. Pom pom making has been a wild and woolly activity, we c... more details

Karl's Makeover

Sun 08th Sep 2019

It was definitely not a quiet weekend for Karl. Karl asked Kingy to help him with a makeover, so it was makeover m... more details

Rock'n Roll Festival 2019

Sun 01st Sep 2019

Sharon, Christine, Brandon, Lesley & Karen all enjoyed the warm weather & activities of the Rock N Roll Festival this weekend. Sharon met Michele Cooper, crowned Queen of the Festival. A great weekend.... more details

Watching the Glen Innes Magpies

Mon 26th Aug 2019

The Glen Innes Magpies may have lost in a hard game in the Grand Finals, but Michael, Jeff and Peter have been having a great time at the footy. Sunny winter weather, tough matches and steak sandwiches - what ... more details

Chillout Festival Gloucester 2019

Mon 19th Aug 2019

The people we support and staff decided to hold a stall at the recent Chillout Festival. They are so proud of our service they wanted to promote the organisation and many of them volunteered their own time to ... more details

David and Mat at the Roadhouse

Fri 02nd Aug 2019

David & Mat dined out last night at Inverell Roadhouse. The smiles are for the best burger in town . Company & great food always make for a memorable night.

... more details

Mini Disability Expo Glen Innes 2019

Wed 31st Jul 2019

Kat and Annette are in Glen Innes for the Disability Expo 1030am-1230pm. We looking forward to meeting local community members & sharing information on our services & giving out some goodies!more details

Bingara Orange Festival 2019

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Phillip and Carly attended the recent Orange Festival in Bingara and what a day it was! Phillip joined in with the RFS, helping at the stand RFS and in the parade. It was a day of markets, music, displays, all... more details

Enjoying a Fire and Toasting Marshmellows!!

Tue 02nd Jul 2019

What better way to warm up - a home cooked meal, a fire drum and toasted marshmallows. It was a boys night for Michael, Richard, Peter and Dwayne in Heron. If this doesn't take away the cold chill of winter...... more details

Micky B at the Inverell Transport Museum

Fri 21st Jun 2019

Michael chose to spend his one on one hours at Inverell Transport Museum with Karen. Michael kept himself busy admiring the 120 items on display. It was a great morning, followed by the best counter lunch in t... more details

Biggest Morning Tea - Gloucester IAS

Mon 10th Jun 2019

Gloucester IAS recently ran a Biggest Morning Tea, raising over $450 for the C... more details

Snow At Heron

Tue 04th Jun 2019

Look who found snow this morning! Heron house at Glen Innes had snow. Micky B was the only person brave enough to fight the cold and make a snowball.

... more details

Red Range Team Penning/Arena Sorting Day

Sun 02nd Jun 2019

Michael, Richard, Linda, Kristy & Simone visited Red Range Team Penning / Arena Sorting day recently . Despite the cool day, everyone loved meeting up with Fran & Eric & warmed up with a lunch BBQ.... more details

Weekend Outing with Micky B

Sun 19th May 2019

Michael enjoyed being out last weekend, attending local events with Kristy and Fran. Michael chose to view the Car Display in Glen Innes and the Australian Standing Stones, followed by a warm coffee and counte... more details

IAS Day Programs Now Supporting Best Community Food Garden

Wed 15th May 2019

Day Programs are now supporting Best Community Food Garden, helping with packing & delivery of vegetables to the community. Chris F , Chris V , Karen and Carly are enjoying being part of the team for this ... more details

Sharon - Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic 2019

Fri 10th May 2019

Sharon & Christine braved the cold to attend the annual Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic & Multicultural Festival. Sharon enjoyed shaking hands to congratulate cycle winner William Hodges.

... more details

Micky B in the Workshed

Thu 09th May 2019

Michael & Anthony spent the day out of the cold & warm in the WorkShed. Together, they knocked up a tray for Michael to store his craft gear. An easy mornings work, followed by a counter lunch & ga... more details

Preparing for Chill Festival - Gloucester

Wed 08th May 2019

With the approaching Chill Festival in July, everyone at Gloucester IAS is preparing items for a stall. Wendy is making earrings - modelled here by Jeanette. Cindy's mum is teaching sewing skills. Cindy and Sh... more details

Richard - Celtic Festival in Glen Innes

Mon 06th May 2019

Richard and Marley attended the annual ( and very unique ) Celtic Festival in Glen Innes last weekend, enjoying the activities, parades and stalls. Looks like a great time Richard.

... more details

IAS Gloucester - Communal Space

Thu 02nd May 2019

IAS in Gloucester has opened the doors to it's communal space. Wednesdays are now positive energy days with Tai chi and Bowen Massage with Linda. It certainly looks like Jeanette is enjoying her massage ( and ... more details

Easter Hangers made by Karen

Mon 15th Apr 2019

Karen is now ready for Easter!! She made these beautiful hangers in Day Programs with Carly. 

more details

Micky B in the Round Yards with Dwayne

Fri 29th Mar 2019

Micky B has spent the day in the round yards with Dwayne. He is helping break in Little Vinny ( doesn't Little Vinny look like he needs an experienced cowboy like Micky ). Plenty of jobs today, looks like a gr... more details

Richard Cooks A Gourmet Pizza

Sun 24th Mar 2019

Richard loves to cook on weekends, he is the Jamie Oliver of IAS. This is another Richard masterpiece and we can almost smell this pizza...it looks fantastic!!

... more details

Lorraine Out Shopping for Fashion

Tue 19th Mar 2019

Lorraine and Kris spent a morning down town, shopping for winter clothes, followed by lunch at the Bridge Café. Lorraine had a great morning and was excited at choosing her clothing. Lorraine loves fash... more details

Farewell Tamara

Fri 25th Jan 2019

Today we said farewell to Tamara who has been working with IAS for over 10 years. We enjoyed cake and coffee, told some funny stories and had many laughs! Sharon gave a heartfelt farewell speech. Thanks for the good times Tamara, farewell and good luck on your new adventures!!

... more details

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year To All

Fri 21st Dec 2018

IAS would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Enjoy the festive season, and we will see you all in 2019!

... more details

IAS Gloucester Xmas Party!

Fri 14th Dec 2018

IAS Gloucester had a great Christmas party on Thursday. Many thanks to Kim and team for organising the day, and wonderful to hear so much positive feedback about the service. more details

International Day of People with Disability 2018

Mon 03rd Dec 2018

IAS participated in International Day of People with Disability yesterday in Victoria Park. Lorraine, Tamara, Tracey, Annette, Chris, John, Sharon & Karen all enjoyed a morning celebrating awareness & ... more details

IAS AGM and Xmas Party

Wed 28th Nov 2018

IAS recently held its AGM and Christmas party. Wha... more details

Inverell Spring Carnival Races 2018

Sat 24th Nov 2018

Linda,Anthony, Michael, Brandon, Sharon, Karen, Annette, Shane & Gary attended the Inverell Spring Carnival Races yesterday. Sharon backed the winner in the first race. We were very impressed ( & so wa... more details

Christmas Gift Nests!!

Tue 06th Nov 2018

Day Programs are making Christmas Gift Nests again this year. What a great way to display chocolates, bon bons , baubles & small gifts. These are selling fast at just $18 ea. Get your orders in soon! Thank... more details

Melbourne Cup Day 2018

Tue 06th Nov 2018

Tuesday's Coffee Club turned festive for The Melbourne Cup. We enjoyed the rac... more details

Elf on the Shelf

Mon 29th Oct 2018

Christmas fever has hit Tuesday's Coffee Club. Elf on the Shelf named 'Sweetheart Tinseltoes' made his first appearance for a cuppa & catch up.

... more details

Hunter Disability Expo 2018

Thu 25th Oct 2018

Alyssa & Audrey set up with an IAS stand & ready to take enquiries at the Hunter Disability Expo ( Newcastle Jockey Club Broadmeadow ) 25th and  26th October. 

... more details

Col, Chris and Mitch Making Benches

Sun 12th Aug 2018

The best place to be (out of the cold wind) is in the WorkShed. Col, Chris & Mitch made bench seats. Great handiwork! What style for their front patios!

... more details

Megan's Crochet Work

Wed 08th Aug 2018

Megan is an extraordinary craft/crotchet creator! Today she finished this birthday gift for her friend. Megan crotchets every week and always surprises us with her imagination and skill.

... more details

Orange Festival - Bingara

Mon 09th Jul 2018

Phillip attended the Orange Festival in his hometown of Bingara on the weekend. Phillip participated with the RFS & was invited into the hotdog eating competition ( no photos of this event ! ) A great day ... more details

A Visit by Grow Day Care IDFS

Wed 27th Jun 2018

We had visitors today . Annie & children from Grow Day Care IDFS had an excursion for community part... more details

Day Programs - Button Art

Mon 18th Jun 2018

Day Programs are working on button art & are quickly running out of buttons ! Does anyone have spare buttons , any shape , size , colour they would kindly donate to IAS ? Sharon & others love working o... more details

Col, Dwayne and Zig working on Blokes Stuff!

Sat 16th Jun 2018

Who would want to be outside in the cold when you can be inside the shed. Col, Dwayne & pooch Zig working on blokes stuff.

... more details

V8 Supercars at Bunnings

Thu 24th May 2018

Brandy met V8 Supercar champion Jamie Wincup yesterday at Bunnings & saw Holden Club show cars. What a once in a lifetime afternoon Brandon & Carly ! Brandon came home with signed posters & lots of... more details

Grafton to Inverell Cycling Classic 2018

Sat 12th May 2018

A great community day. Grafton to Inverell cycle race & Multicultural Day in Victoria Park. Lesley Marley
more details

Making Kindling in the Workshed

Mon 07th May 2018

Winter is on it's way ! Michael Chris & Anthony are busy in the WorkShed making boxes of kindling to sell.

... more details

Cool Cloudy Afternoons

Sun 06th May 2018

Cool cloudy afternoon's are perfect for a game of Uno. The guys have Slim Dusty playing on the Smart Board & the kettle is on.

... more details

Anzac Day 2018

Tue 24th Apr 2018

Lest We Forget. Phillip Michael Carly Sharon Christine Brandon Annette Lesley & Allison attended Inverell ANZAC services today. Phillip marched with the RFS & Sharon marched with the Red Cross. Michael... more details

Michael & Chris's Woodwork Project

Tue 20th Mar 2018

Over the past couple of weeks Michael and Chris have been busy making a shoe stand in the Workshed for Dwayne. Dwayne was so impressed he's asked the guys to make him another one! Job well done!

... more details

Inverell Show 2018

Sat 24th Feb 2018

Many of us attended the Inverell Show last night. The rain held off & pluto pups, Show bags & laughter were on the menu. Col bought a new shirt , Brandon won a prize in Side Show Alley & Sharon won... more details

Treasure Baskets!! Order Now!!

Thu 22nd Feb 2018

Sharon and Carly ( Day Programs ) are filling orders for Easter baskets. Their craft finished today! These baskets can be made for any theme - birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day. Just let us know if you wou... more details

Easter Treasure Baskets.

Thu 08th Feb 2018

Sharon, Sally and Carly have been busy making Easter treasure baskets at Day Programs. How fabulous are these baskets? They already have a some orders to make more. Easter eggs will taste fabulous delivered in... more details

Megan's New Pets!

Wed 24th Jan 2018

Today Megan introduced us to two new pet mice - meet Mixie & Wixie. Soooo cuuute!!

... more details

Col and Dwayne get creative.

Tue 09th Jan 2018

Col & Dwayne made a hat rack in the WorkShed, with some creativity, spare wood & horse shoes. Col painted this today at programs. What a way to kick off the year!

... more details

Happy New Year!!!

Mon 08th Jan 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018. We hope the year brings to you your favourite things. Brandy found his favourite things at the Inverell Car Museum.

... more details

IAS AGM and Xmas Party 2017

Wed 22nd Nov 2017

Last night IAS combined our Annual General Meeting with our Christmas party. We were feeling very festive 🎈. Lot... more details

Busy Tuesdays!

Tue 21st Nov 2017

Tuesday's are always busy! Chris, Jas, Phillip, Michael & Jeff are in saw dust heaven . More planter boxes & chicken nesting boxes in the making. Day Programs are in the kitchen with Carly, Sally, Lesley & Sharon have pizzas on the menu tonight.

... more details

Diggers Cup Race Day 2017

Fri 17th Nov 2017

We are off and racing! Diggers Cup Race Day, a little wet, time for a bet. Great afternoon!

... more details

Melbourne Cup 2017

Tue 07th Nov 2017

We celebrated Melbourne Cup with afternoon tea at the Freckle Room . For some of us our horse is still running. Oh well , afternoon cuppa and treat was fabulous.

... more details

Healing Drums and BBQ's

Mon 06th Nov 2017

Weekends are about friends, enjoying being home and having fun. Kat brought in her vibration healing drum. Everyone had a turn.. plenty of noise and plenty of laughs, followed by a BBQ lunch.

... more details

Col has been busy!

Thu 02nd Nov 2017

Col has been busy, gardening at his flat with Mitch, fishing at Lake Inverell ( what a grand catch ) and fixing the doors at the office with Mat.

... more details

Halloween at Heron

Tue 31st Oct 2017

Ginnie, Sally, Richard, Michael, Linda and Kris all pitced in with their talents to make healthy, fun, gory Halloween food, like bloodied boiled eggs, veggie skeletons with rissole heads, and severed fingers made from potato and devon. In one photo Richard demonstrates that sometimes support staf... more details

Col goes Horseriding

Mon 09th Oct 2017

Col took hold of the reins and enjoyed some horseriding this weekend. He also tried his hand at a bit of grooming. Good one mate!!

... more details

Mick and Dwayne at the Inverell Campdraft

Sat 07th Oct 2017

Mick had the opportunity to spend some time with Dwayne and others in the Inverell Campdraft this weekend. He had a great time watching the spectacles, checking out the horses, and rubbing elbows with some people of renown in the national campdraft circles. Mick was in his element!!

... more details

Drumming for Wellbeing

Wed 04th Oct 2017

We will be drumming for well-being with Kat on Wednesdays 10am-12noon for $10.
Join us for fun and find your rhythm on our djembe drums. Call IAS office on 6722 4947 with expressions of interest.

... more details

Martyn's Next Woodwork Project

Tue 03rd Oct 2017

Marty and Matt hit the WorkShed today. Marty's project is to make the Taj Mahal of cat scratch posts.

... more details

Col in his Soccer Gear

Thu 28th Sep 2017

Col had a great day today at The Joeys Mini World Cup soccer in Inverell. Col is loving his new outfit and says his team won.

... more details

Staff Celebration Dinner

Sun 27th Aug 2017

This week IAS attained Third Party Verification. IAS staff took time out Friday for a celebration dinner. As we have 5 houses with sleepover support, some staff were on shift and were not able to join in. It's very rare for staff to get out as a team. T'was a good night. Well done to all staff fo... more details

Another Busy weekend...

Sun 20th Aug 2017

It was a busy weekend. Micky enjoyed horse riding with Fran ( at the Whole Package Gilgai ). Lesley & Sharon attended the Abba Tribute at RSM. Lesley & Brandon checked out mighty Motor Mania on Sunday. Sally did some gardening around her home. Sharon rounded off the weekend with home cook... more details

Micky B - Lions Club

Mon 24th Jul 2017

Micky B has recently gained official membership into the Lions Club Glen Innes. Here he is helping out with catering at the Chill Festival last weekend.

... more details

Sausage Sizzle on Tuesdays!

Tue 18th Jul 2017

Its very hard to get work done on Tuesdays. The smells and laughs from the sausage sizzle lunch each Tuesday distracts us! We all end up in the courtyard enjoying the sun.

... more details

Day at the Footy

Sat 15th Jul 2017

Mick & Annette braved a winters day to watch Magpies vs Wombats at Glen Innes. Mick says go the Magpies 👍 .

... more details

Deb's 60th Birthday!

Sat 08th Jul 2017

Deb celebrated her 60th birthday on Saturday , surrounded by family and friends. Happy Birthday Deb. Yes we love your cake!

... more details

Phillip's First Project in the Workshed

Tue 04th Jul 2017

Phillip has been busy in the WorkShed & completed his first planter box 🌱. Isn't it fabulous? Yes - Phillip is t... more details

Sharon at Coffs Harbour

Mon 26th Jun 2017

Sharon sends a toast from the coast! She is enjoying a banana coconut cocktail at Hogs Breath Restaurant after days full of holiday memories.

... more details

Sharon at Ebor Falls

Mon 19th Jun 2017

Sharon dropped by Ebor Falls on her way to the coast today ! Enjoy your week of holidays Sharon! We all wanted to hide in your suitcase & enjoy a week away....

... more details

Busy Beans Coffee Club and Sausage Sizzle Tuesdays

Mon 05th Jun 2017

Every Tuesday is busy - making the most of the sunshine with a BBQ lunch. Sharon & Jas cooked up a feast today. The afternoon is our social catch-up in Busy Beans Coffee Club. Everyone is welcome.

... more details

Brandon's Day on the Farm

Tue 16th May 2017

Brandon visited 'The Whole Package' farm this afternoon. Brandon won a voucher for activities of his choice. So it was a sunny winters afternoon of fresh country air, animals, some dust and a ride in the horse truck.

... more details

Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic 2017

Fri 12th May 2017

Great day to be out in the community - Brandon, Julie, Ray and Lesley enjoying the Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic.

... more details

Brandon at Freckles Cafe

Tue 09th May 2017

The rain postponed Brandon's farm visit this afternoon. So Brandon chose Freckles Cafe instead! Scones and calories on a rainy afternoon. Perfect!

... more details

Photos from the Indian Summer Ball

Thu 04th May 2017

Everyone is talking about the Indian Summer Ball. It was a fantastic night of dancing, great food, prizes and meeting new people. We were all very tired on Sunday. Here are some of the formal portraits taken on the night. Doesn't everyone look amazing!

... more details

Ray and Brandon Planting Natives

Tue 02nd May 2017

Ray and Brandon took home their gifts from the Indian Summer Ball. They decided to plant the natives in pride of place in the front yard of their home.

... more details

Glorious Weekend Weather

Sat 22nd Apr 2017

Glorious lazy weekend weather . Sharon and Chris enjoying time out in their favourite spots around Inverell.

... more details

Busy Times At Heron Lodge

Thu 16th Mar 2017

Busy times at Heron Lodge. Michael is working on "the fastest car in the world!!". Richard and Bess played ball. Sally won again and is the Uno Queen!

... more details

Happy Birthday Darren!

Tue 14th Mar 2017

This week there was a celebration!
Happy 50th Birthday to Darren!! Have a great day mate!! 🎂

... more details

Indian Summer Ball - Save the Date

Thu 02nd Mar 2017

IAS is hosting a gala Indian Summer Ball on Saturday 29th April 2017. Tickets will be available soon ! Save this date & organise a table for a great night out . Contact IAS for more information 67224947 

... more details

Sharon's Paintings

Wed 01st Mar 2017

Sharon has her 3 paintings to enter in the Inverell Show . She's been busy at EET Day Programs and at home last weekend. You just can't hold back creativity!

... more details

Communal Jigsaw Puzzle

Fri 24th Feb 2017

The communal puzzle is nearly done! 1000 pieces, everyone is having a go, today its Megan's turn ! What a masterpiece!

... more details

Ringo Visits!

Tue 21st Feb 2017

Ringo visits his neighbours Brandon Lesley & Chris for his morning pat. Pets make a house feel like home.

... more details

Brandon, Sharon & Lesley at the Pool.

Wed 28th Dec 2016

It's far too hot 🌞 to stay home! Brandon Sharon and Lesley enjoying a cool dip more details

Xmas is Coming....

Mon 19th Dec 2016

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Both Sharon and Lesley are having some pampering and getting their Christmas nails done. Beautiful ladies! Brandon has his new lounge recliner chair and is very happy with himself! Very stylish Brandon!

... more details

Sharon's Farm Stayover

Mon 19th Dec 2016

Sharon had a farm stay over the past two weekends. Look who came for breakfast !

... more details

Melbourne Cup 2016

Tue 01st Nov 2016

We are going racing! Melbourne Cup lunch, fashion parade and game of pool. Plenty of hot tips and bets are on!

... more details

Chris And Lesley's Wedding Anniversary

Tue 01st Nov 2016

Chris and Lesley celebrating their wedding anniversary today with a lunch date. Congratulations to you both - enjoy the day

... more details

Girl Power!!

Fri 21st Oct 2016

Girl power 🏆 A combined cooking effort - Linda Sally Ginnie - bacon and zucchini quiche and potato bake for dinner t... more details

Sharon's Birthday

Wed 19th Oct 2016

Enjoying a Happy Birthday lunch with Sharon today

... more details

IAS Fashion Parade

Sat 08th Oct 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the IAS Millers / Rivers Fashion Parade last weekend. We had a fabulous afternoon with all fundraising to be used to support the costs of the Indian Summer Ball in April 2017. A special thanks to Vicki and Chaysley at Millers Inverell, staff ... more details

IAS Fashion Parade - Tickets On Sale Now!!

Mon 05th Sep 2016

Tickets are now ON SALE for IAS Fashion Parade on Saturday 8th October! We would love you to join us for an afternoon of entertainment and company, with light refreshments. Cost of the tickets are $10 each and available at Millers Store and IAS office 48 Howard St (6722 4947) All proceeds will go... more details

Kite Flying with Brandon

Fri 02nd Sep 2016

What do you do on a cold gusty grey day? You make the best of it!! Brandon, Penny, Jason and Debbie all met near the netball courts behind the Inverell Showground to try their luck at flying kites. The wind was gusty and unpredictable, it was hard work but some of us managed to keep a kite in the... more details

IAS Fashion Parade - Save The Date

Mon 29th Aug 2016

Save the date of Saturday 8th October and buy your ticket! IAS, Millers & Rivers Stores Fashion Parade tickets will be on sale from 1st Sept from Millers Inverell or IAS 48 Howard St. We will have a fabulous afternoon of fashion and entertainment for just $10. The businesses in Inverell have ... more details

Mick in the Garden

Mon 15th Aug 2016

A house feels like a home with personal touch and making spaces feel wonderful. Mick enjoyed the most of the sunny days over the weekend to reinvent the garden and fill the plant pots. Then he enjoyed a cuppa in the courtyard, admiring his work.

... more details

Farewell Darcy's Girl

Tue 09th Aug 2016

Today we take time to remember Darcy's Girl who passed away last week. Darcy was owned by Trish and Barry and joined us on all our rides - Ride to Recognition from Pally to Gum Flat, Bingara as well as all our trail rides and Farm Days. She had a beautiful temperament and supported her riders wit... more details

Festival Of Abilities 2016

Tue 19th Jul 2016

Michael and Kris attended the recent Festival of Abilities in Tamworth. Michael found himself a beast of a trike, bikes with sidecars & too many fast machines. He drummed his way through bongo lessons, listened to great music and they both enjoyed an activity packed day out.

... more details

Happy Birthday Deb!!

Fri 08th Jul 2016

Guess who's birthday🎉 today ! Deb was spoilt ! We created our own Festival with lunch and a birthday cake 🍰. Fabulous afternoon with friends .

... more details

A Busy Weekend After the Voting

Sun 03rd Jul 2016

A busy weekend! What better way to make the most of the sunshine after Saturday Voting Day. Michael enjoyed a bush walk at beautiful Boundary Falls. Chris cooked lunch for his wife and neighbours on the BBQ he restored/varnished/painted. Richard washed the car and its looking so shiny we need sun... more details

Farewell Bruce, We'll Miss You......

Mon 20th Jun 2016

Today, sadly, we farewelled Bruce Wayne Lavender. Some of us have known Bruce for 17 years. We will remember him for his cheeky grin, his hearty laugh ( mostly when the joke was on us ), those ginger curls when his hair was long, & being the Boss. Bruce loved his music, all things country &am... more details

Northwest Film Festival at the RoxyTheatre Bingara 2016

Sun 19th Jun 2016

Last night Lesley Ray Michael Sharon Dwayne & Annette spent a wonderful night at the Northwest Film Festival at the majestic Roxy Theatre Bingara . Suzie Wicks - Fatmoon Studios - introduced her film starring Lesley & Chris . 'The Unlikely Wedding Singer' is the story behind Chris & L... more details

NDIS Ready

Thu 02nd Jun 2016

The NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme have created a number of videos and resources around getting NDIS ready. Check them out!

www.ndis.go... more details

Richard Hanging with Bes

Mon 23rd May 2016

There's nothing nicer than hanging out with a dog . Bess came to visit Heron Lodge. Richard & Bess played ball until there was no energy left . Plenty of pats & smiles ...then they were both worn out . Dogs rock 🐾

... more details

Concert & Medieval Festival

Sun 08th May 2016

Living life to the full! Lesley loves bands and danced the night away at a recent concert. Phillip, Lou, Sharon and Brandon stepped back in time, cheering on jousting and hand to hand combat at the Medieval Festival.

... more details

A Day Out on the Farm with EDG

Tue 03rd May 2016

EDG programs found their way outdoors, on a farm with some good old fashioned fresh air & dust. Marty enjoyed hanging in a shed with tractors, antique cars & yarns. Sally enjoyed horse riding. A great day out !

... more details

Our Kitchen Rulz Ep.1

Fri 29th Apr 2016

OUR KITCHEN RULZ . Michael whipping up homemade pumpkin soup for dinner. Looks fabulous and we hear it tasted fabulous too! Great way to warm up for the colder weather!

... more details

Our Kitchen Rulz E.2

Fri 29th Apr 2016

OUR KITCHEN RULZ Episode 2 . Great afternoon for scones . As you can see Michael loves his cream & Richard loves his jam!

... more details

Outdoor Furniture Restorations

Mon 11th Apr 2016

Backyard Blitz has nothing on Mick, Richard, Linda & Ginnie!! The weekend adventure was a restoration project on the outdoor furniture. A great job! We can't wait for the next BBQ or lazy cuppa outdoors.

... more details

Fire Safety Information Session

Thu 31st Mar 2016

A 'Fire Safety Information and Demonstration Session' was held at Connections on Thursday 31st May. Phillip Minty demonstrated and talked about fire safety techniques with the assistance of Robbie Wighton, Fire Captain of the Inverell Fire Service. Phillip strongly believes that everyone&nbs... more details

Deb, Darren, Tamara and Skippa the Wallaroo

Tue 22nd Mar 2016

WOW! Deb, Darren and Tamara had a surprise visitor this morning. Darren had lots & lots of questions. Skippa the wallaroo had lots of pats.

... more details

The Inverell Show 2016

Sat 05th Mar 2016

What a big night...and a very late night ...at the Inverell Show on Saturday! Rides, show bags, the rodeo with Dwayne riding, the smash 'em derby and fireworks. And to add to the excitement Phillip entered the Farmer's Challenge and nearly took out the opposing team with the fireman's hose. AND P... more details

EDG at Copeton Dam

Thu 25th Feb 2016

The best place to be on a hot summers day is near the waters edge! EDG programs ventured out - Marty & Sal to Copeton for some fishing & swimming - Mick cooked spaghetti Bolognese and then took this great lunch to eat at Lake Inverell followed by a leisurely walk in the shade.

... more details

Darren at the Gym

Mon 22nd Feb 2016

Darren is in the fitness train every Monday ! And he loves it - thanks to Ben ! Who ever thought flexing muscles and cutting some calories would be so much fun !

... more details

Richard's Birthday Luncheon

Sun 21st Feb 2016

Richard enjoyed a birthday luncheon with friends at the Glen Innes RSL Club. Happy Birthday Richard!!

... more details

Progress on Exterior of Howard Street

Thu 18th Feb 2016

Progress ! This week has been tradies , tools , boys toys , dirt and action . Our painting , turf and Balinese style fencing all coming together .

... more details

Linda & Ginnie Shopping

Mon 15th Feb 2016

A lazy Saturday shopping morning for Linda & Ginnie , picking great fresh ingredients to cook up a storm . Home cooking with plenty of herbs fills the kitchen with the best smells .... & warms the heart ....

... more details

Australia Day 2016

Mon 08th Feb 2016

Australia Day celebrations. All the good things in life - a public holiday, a day out with friends, sausages and hamburgers on the BBQ, homemade scones, frisbees flying , sun shining and plenty of joking around.

... more details

Kickin' around on Fridays

Fri 29th Jan 2016

Fridays just aren't Fridays without a kick around. All it takes is a soccer ball, sunshine, plenty of moves and lots of laughs. Talents are surfacing as the weeks go by, like Darren's 'Rocket Shot' which threatens to rip a hole in the sky every time!! We love Fridays!

... more details

Martyn & EDG

Thu 07th Jan 2016

It was a great day in the sunshine to get back into EDG programs and earn some 💰 ....then go out for lunch .

... more details

At The Inverell RSM Club

Thu 07th Jan 2016

Life is too short to stay home! It's been a long holiday break and we needed to get out with friends . As you can see we all had a treat...or two.....

... more details

Back in the Swing for 2016

Mon 04th Jan 2016

We are back in the swing for 2016 ! What better thing to do on a rainy day than play a game of pool ? Phillip and Mick have a mighty comp going . Sharon is playing music & providing the cheer squad . Then we are all going to have a cuppa more details

Richard' Christmas Cooking

Thu 24th Dec 2015

It's feeling a lot like Christmas 🎄 Richard has been baking and is taking his goodies home as gifts. What great fun and a wonderful thoughtful way to say Merry Christmas more details

International Day of People with Disability - Lunch

Thu 03rd Dec 2015

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate International Day for People with Disability last Thursday. We had a relaxing lunch at Inverell East Bowling Club and were joined by Inverell Mayor Cr Harmon, people from IAS, Connections, Benevolent Society, Ability Links and Centacare and some fr... more details

Active Support Videos - ADHC

Thu 03rd Dec 2015

ADHC recently launched Active Support Videos to support person-centred practices and increase understanding of peoples needs living in a supported life. 

The three Active Support Videos only take around one minute each to view and show how disability support workers ... more details

IAS Christmas Party 2015 - Shake, Rattle & Bowl

Fri 27th Nov 2015

Wow! What a night! IAS Christmas party was a fabulous night of action, pizza , family and friends. The bowling was a hoot! Some people had accuracy down-pat, while others had a knack for blind thundering pace!! The unlimited laser tag was for the fearless sharp shooters. Competitio... more details

Melbourne Cup Day at the Royal Hotel

Tue 03rd Nov 2015

Melbourne Cup celebrations ! What a great afternoon with a big screen , fashion and a horse race. Deb & Darren won 'Best Dressed' . Great company , great food , some betting - some winners - and for the rest of us - it's try again next year !

... more details

Phillip - Public Speaking at the' My Choice Matters' Workshop

Tue 27th Oct 2015

Phillip was invited to make a speech at the 'Get More Skills' My Choice Matters workshop today. He made a terrific presentation on what it's been like to have a MCMs grant for his dream to teach fire safety to the public. Phillip shared the things he has learned, found easy and found difficult as... more details

The Sexuality and Disability Workshop

Thu 15th Oct 2015

Tracey and Annette attended a Sexuality & Disability workshop in Moree on Thursday 15th October, presented by Jen Wendtman. The workshop challenged the beliefs, attitudes and values we bring to the work place and it is so great to be challenged! The workshop reinforced our human rights to be ... more details

IAS and EDG Community Space Update

Wed 07th Oct 2015

The paintwork has been done and the carpet has been laid. Some of the furnishings for the new community space has been unpacked and tentatively laid out, there is still more to go including the smart board, dinning table, information kiosk, and an assortment of decorative items. A work in progres... more details

Delungra Campdraft, September 2015

Sat 26th Sep 2015

The Delungra Campdraft was held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September. Ray, Brandon, Annette, Belinda and Therese were there to watch Dwayne and others in action, and to enjoy the day's events. Clouds of dust and a tasty steak sandwich, what a great day out!


... more details

Renovations Are Well Under Way!!

Wed 23rd Sep 2015

Our vision of a better place to meet, to have fun, to learn, or just to relax, is starting to take shape. Since the 10th of August the home base of IAS has been getting a facelift. Somehow we've managed to keep focus and work despite the roar and chatter of countless powertools, the ever-presence... more details

My Future My Choice Disability Expo - Tamworth

Thu 10th Sep 2015

The Essential Disability Group (EDG) and IAS shared a stall at the My Future My Choice Disability Expo held at the Tamworth Town Hall on Thursday the 10th September. Chris, Annette and Josh where there to provide information about EDG and IAS, and the range of services we provide. The Expo f... more details

My Future My Choice Disability Expo - Armidale

Wed 09th Sep 2015

IAS took part in the My Future My Choice Disability Expo held at the Armidale Bowling Club on Wednesday the 9th September. Annette, Tracey, Michael and Jason were there to run the IAS stall and provide information about the services offered by IAS and EDG, as well as showcase some of ou... more details

Lawn Bowls Day

Tue 24th Mar 2015

People and staff of IAS, including members of the committee and other friends of IAS, all came together for a friendly social game of lawn bowls on Tuesday 24th March at the Inverell East Bowling Club. It was a mild sunny day, enthusiasm was high, and bragging rights were at stake. For ... more details

"When The Wheels Fall Off"

Thu 11th Dec 2014

A Disability services complaints video.

Some of us at IAS got together and talked about one of our rights; The Right to make a Complaint. We talked with Stephanie Marshall who is a great Drama Teacher about how it feels if something is upsetting us. We did role plays about that. Then we s... more details