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Renovations Are Well Under Way!!

23rd September 2015

Our vision of a better place to meet, to have fun, to learn, or just to relax, is starting to take shape. Since the 10th of August the home base of IAS has been getting a facelift. Somehow we've managed to keep focus and work despite the roar and chatter of countless powertools, the ever-presence of dust, and the shuffling and repositioning of equipment. The front glass sliding doors are up, all plasterboard walls and ceilings have been set. Soon the carpet and lino will be laid and all the walls will be painted, then we will be able to decorate the space with our new furnishings. Looking at the space today and all the progress made so far inspires confidence; the space brims with potential. We have many hopes for this space and we envision it becoming a hub of communal activity. The Essential Disability Group (EDG) will be operating day programs out of this space, and there will be many resources available for people to utilize, for entertainment, learning and relaxation purposes. It should only be a matter of weeks until the interior part of the renovations will be complete. Exciting times are ahead......

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